Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Barry's Desire to be Embarrassed

In his recent post, Barry shared his desire (he would say 'need') to be embarrassed or humiliated in front of another woman by being exposed when he is disciplined.  For quite some time I have been aware of his need to be spanked and his very strong submissiveness.  However, until this week, I didn't realize how strong a feeling the embarrassment issue was for him.  I've been giving it considerable thought, especially with respect to trying to understand why the feelings are so strong and how we might provide this type of experience in a way that is comfortable for me.  Of course, Barry has been spanked in front of my sister in the past; and even been spanked by her.  However, that doesn't seem to completely fulfill his desire.

I didn't overtly plan for it to happen this soon, but events yesterday created a situation where it will likely happen tomorrow evening.  I was having lunch with a lovely lady who lives nearby.  She is about my age (probably a little younger) and we have gotten to know each other quite well.  She is a widow, having lost her husband a little over a year ago to a sudden, unexpected, massive heart attack.  During our lunch yesterday, she asked how things were going with Barry and me.  I don't know whether it was because of the way she asked the question, but for some reason I let my guard down and replied in a way that I have never done with anyone other than my sister.  I commented that we are doing well, but that I have had to return to disciplining him lately.  She immediately picked up on that and started asking more questions in a very kind and gentle way.  It felt very comfortable, so I ended up sharing a lot about our FLR and spanking relationship with her.  I was surprised that nothing I said appeared to shock her and she was extremely intrigued by everything I shared.  At one point, she shared that she wished that she and her husband had enjoyed such a relationship.

The end result was that I shared with her Barry's desire to have a witness to his spanking.  I also asked her how she would feel about observing a spanking session and creating an embarrassing situation for him.  To my surprise, she was very interested and actually seemed quite excited about such opportunity.  So, Helen has been invited to dinner tomorrow night and I plan to administer another punishment spanking to Barry for his recent activities.  I also plan to require Barry to explain to Helen why he is being punished while he is naked and ready to go over my lap.

Barry doesn't know about this yet, and I will admit that I'm a little anxious about what I have set into motion.  During dinner tonight I will share with him that he will be punished again tomorrow night and that Helen will be present to witness it.  I'm sure I'll have a better idea at that point of whether it is a mistake.  If I feel it is, I can always call it off or postpone it.



  1. Hi Susan,
    My wife spanks me occasionally in front of her sister and I know something powerful happens when a spanking is witnessed. You may be surprised at your own reaction which I will let you discover but one that will gratify you.I have read you last three posts and I think Barry strongly wants you to be stricter with him and to exercise your authority more. Masturbation is a huge problem for him and he needs to know you can control it.He may also want you to spank him harder. Spanking in front of a witness accomplishes a lot of that because it takes discipline from a private game to a very real public event. Being punished in front of a witness makes it all very real and again I think that's what Barry needs. After you have punished him that way ( and make it a real punishment,not just a demonstration) he will not be able to deny that you are in charge. You are starting a new adventure in your journey together, one that will bring you closer together but also leave you firmly in charge.

  2. Sounds like a nice evening for you and Helen. Barry deserves every bit of it.

  3. My wife and my sister are school mates. As a youngster I sometimes used to tease and even bully my sister who was 4 years younger. Today my wife does not think twice before spanking or even slapping me in front of my sister. My sister who used to be slightly scared of me, often spanks and bosses me, with my wife's consent. Sometimes she even borrows me for domestic service, cleaning her apartment, washing her car, windows and even hand washing her panties. Both my wife and my sister sometimes keep me nude, or dressed in bra and panties or a maid costume. They have even threatened to spank and humiliate me in front of strangers. I shudder and now remember that when my wife first threatened to reveal our lifestyle to my sister, I was secretly thrilled. Not all wishes make you happy when they come true. Clara.

  4. My wife has never spanked me in front of a witness although she has threatened and several( three)of her girlfriends know she spanks.I think I would be completely embarrassed and intimidated if she did it but at the same time it would be thrilling for her to exercise that kind of power over me and I would be very motivated to avoid a repeat session. I have read your blog on and off for several years and somehow it seems this is exactly the thing you should do now to reestablish control over Barry. Part of me envies him and part is glad it's him and not me getting it

  5. I can't even begin to tell you how exciting the prospect of being in Barry's shoes would be. All the obvious arousal aspects of it notwithstanding, I have come to realize that the most exciting thing about being involved in something like this (and there are so many exciting things that come to mind)would be the opportunity to be witnessed in servitude to my wife, and not any potential humiliation that may involved. I honestly think that I wouldn't be humiliated, but instead very proud to be able to demonstrate to this other woman that my wife is indeed the leader of our lives together.

    Can't wait to hear all about it. Thank you for sharing. I so love following your life and adventures Susan!

  6. It sounds like you have found another spanking partner to keep Barry in line. Maybe after you spank him you can make him go to her and ask her to spank him. Thank you for sharing that and wish I could be a fly on the wall watching LOL

  7. Thank you Susan for being brave and caring enough to explore Barry's need to be embarrassed. He is definitely not alone in that desire. And it does sound to me like you may have found a simpatico spanking partner in Helen. We'll see; I can't wait for your report, regardless of which path Barry chooses. Like other commenters, I'd love to be 'next in line' behind Barry to go over your lap while Helen watches! TL

  8. One suggestion Susan if I may: make Barry verbally confess his masturbation in front of Helen and acknowledge he needs to be spanked. Bring out the detail . That will embarrass him as much as the spanking but its an embarrassment he needs. Most men hate to admit they masturbate and verbalizing it while asking for punishment will start the process for him back to responsible behavior.

  9. I agree with the poster above. Apparently some wives make him masturbate before the witness arrives or just before the discipline.That's something you may want to do in the future but not the first time. Keep it non sexual and disciplinary. You have indulged Barry's kinks before but this time he needs to know fun and games are not on the menu. The first time I spanked my husband this way it was in front of my mother who encouraged it but I had considerable trepidation. Natural probably but it was unnecessary. It turned out to be one of the best things I ever did in our relationship

  10. thefolkswholiveonthehill.wordpress.comFebruary 5, 2016 at 6:13 AM

    Delighted to see that you are up and running again.
    Though we don't have the same dynamic as you two, we still enjoy reading about your fun.