Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Special Valentine's Day

We each awoke at the same time on Valentine's Day and Barry gently gave me a kiss and began to use his fingers to stimulate my clitoris and vagina.  He could immediately sense my positive response and rather quickly replaced his hand with his tongue.  Working gently, but deliberately, it didn't take him long to produce a wonderful orgasm on my part.

That put me in the right frame of mind to think in terms of providing Barry with a Valentine's Day treat as well.  Since his last punishment (witnessed by Helen and Carol), he has been the model of a devoted husband.  And, he has not complained once about being locked up in his device.  During those ten or so days, I have not removed it once, even for showering.

I suggested to Barry that he go and start taking a shower, and I would join him in a few minutes.  I could tell by his smile and twinkle in his eye that he knew I has something pleasant in mind.  As he began to shower, I gathered a few toys that I wanted and slipped into his favorite red bustier with matching panty.

When I arrived in the bathroom, Barry took one look and grinned from ear to ear.  He then saw the toys I brought and looked even happier.  I had selected  some shower toys that we have not used for well over a year:  a set of wrist cuffs that have suction cups to mount them to the shower wall; and a realistically sized dildo, also with a suction cup for mounting.  After turning the water off, I generously lubed the dildo and inserted it's head into Barry's anus before having him back up towards the wall so I could fasten the suction cup to the wall.  I then anchored his wrists about shoulder high to the wall using the cuffs.  I then told Barry that I would be back in a few moments, but which time I expected him to work his cute little butt on the dildo so his cheeks were flat against the wall.

I took a few moments to gather some additional items I planned to use before returning to our large walk-in shower.  The first thing I did was remove Barry's cage, which was a bit of a challenge due to the fact that his penis was already attempting to swell.  I then gently massaged, washed, and shaved the shaft of his penis, since it had been a while since he had been able to clean up down there.  I then whispered in his ear that he is not allowed to climax until I have him permission.  I told him that if he did, I would ruin his orgasm.  Using my fingers and hands, and then our sonic toothbrush, I brought him to the edge twice, but didn't give him permission to cum.  The second time he almost lost it.  I then turned my back toward him and allowed him to try to penetrate me from behind, which proved to be another wonderful tease.  After one more edging with my hands, I decided to give him a gift that I know he dearly loves, but has not experienced since his ED issues began.  I dropped to my knees and began to orally please him, slowly at first.  When he was finally begging me to allow him to climax, I granted permission and let him explode.

I was amazed at how easy it was to tease and edge him.  There were definitely no signs of ED issues that Sunday morning!  Which makes me wonder if the masturbation issue was a direct cause of the ED symptoms.  After hugging and kissing, I used the handheld shower to wash him down there and reinstall his cage again before releasing him from the shower wall.

Not surprisingly, Barry has been a very devoted husband who desires to please me again this week.  It feels like time to again introduce more Devotional Sex into our lives as we move forward.



  1. Oh my God that was just awesome. What I would give to have Mistress K. get us one of those suction cup dildos too!

    Happy Valentines days kids!



  2. Fabulous depiction, Susan. Thanks for sharing. My opinion: more devotional sex just might reduce those pesky ED issues. Just my two cents. �� TL

  3. What a loving domme you are, thanks for telling us all about it.

  4. I have to say that Barry is one lucky husband.That was Barry's gift but I hope that you got everything you wanted for Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing, love your posts.