Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ending Barry's Punishment and Sorting it Out

When I finished with the Jokari paddle last Wednesday night, I immediately took Barry in my arms, hugged him strongly, and told him how much I love him.  He hugged me back just as strongly and wimpered that he was "so sorry" and that he would never cheat on me again.  I turned to Carol and mouthed my request that she and Helen work on dessert and give us some time.  She immediately understood and took Helen into the kitchen.  That gave Barry and I a few moments to retire to the bedroom for me to comfort him and  help him get redressed in a respectable manner.

When we returned to the living room, Carol and Helen were just beginning to bring our dessert into the living room along with a pot of freshly brewed coffee.  It was a bit awkward as we all sat down.  Carol and Helen were noticeably very silent.  I'm sure they were waiting for me to start things off.  However, before I did so, Barry spoke up.  He started out by apologizing to Carol and Helen for them having to witness what happened.  He went on to tell them that he was very thankful to have a wonderful wife who understood him and was willing to discipline him in a way that would help be a better person.  He then apologized to them for having to witness what just took place.  He shared that it must have been uncomfortable for them, but then joked that they definitely weren't as uncomfortable as he was.  That made us all laugh and it really broke the ice.

That seemed to give Helen the courage to speak up.  She started out by sharing that she had not been completely candid with me.  She then explained that her husband had similar issues and needs as Barry.  However, she was not able to meet them.  She couldn't bring herself to spank him in the way that he desired.  Consequently, she felt their relationship never developed to the full extent that he would have liked.  She was very thankful for me allowing her into the inner sanctum of my relationship with Barry.  She was also very complimentary of Barry openly accepting discipline from me for what was a serious breach of the marriage commitment.  She confessed that there were times when she had to look away as I punished him.  But, she also told Barry that he deserved every bit that I gave him.

Carol then chimed in with gracious comments concerning how much a gift that Barry and I are to each other.  I felt she went a bit overboard with her praise for how much I give to Barry, as well as her praise for Barry being willing to accept his well deserved punishment.

So, despite my initial fears that I had created a situation that might not be good, it all turned out well.



  1. watch out for Barry and Helen

  2. Congratulations, Susan,
    Job well done!

  3. I would love to hear Barry's thoughts about being spanked that way.Did it expunge the guilt he felt for his behavior and more important to me, did it make a big enough impression he is going to be motivated to stop masturbating without your permission.Is this the way to stop out of control male masturbation?

  4. My wife has told me who the witness will be if she does it and I read this account trying to imagine it was me being spanked in front of her.For me the embarrassment would be total, being stripped in front of them, then made to masturbate and ending up crying from the spanking.Also you would not know who he witnesses would tell about it. But for sure a few people would know you are a spanked husband.Right now only three of my wife's closest friends know. I don't think I would ever disobey my wife again after that.I really mean that. Part of me wants it to happen and the other part is afraid it will. She will make the decision and it will happen or not as she wishes.But what you did has to be a game changer for any DD couple that does it.