Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Barry's Increased Libido

Since I last posted, Barry continues to have increased libido with respect to me (as opposed to masturbation).  I firmly believe that Devotional Sex and his chastity device play a key role in this.  Since Valentine's Day, he has frequently made efforts to pleasure me (sometimes too often, but I love seeing his desire).  He has also not complained about his chastity device, I suspect because he knows he needs that type of control.

Interestingly, last night he broached the subject of pegging with me.  He shared how sexy our Valentine's Day experience was with respect to him having the dildo in his bottom.  In his words, "it enhanced everything else I did".  He asked (almost begged) if I would consider pegging him in the future, even if it didn't result in an orgasm for him.  I was a bit surprised, but also pleased with his confession and sharing of need.

I didn't answer right away.  I told him that I needed to think about it.  After I did so, I came back to his request and shared with him that I would happily consider it.  However, I then told him what I was thinking.  I suggested that I would use a strap-on dildo to peg him and provide him with a very special experience if he would agree that Carol and Helen would be invited to witness the event.  My line of reasoning was that I needed to explore and challenge Barry's degree of submissiveness.  It seems to be very strong and this challenge to him would tell me how strong it is.

To my surprise, Barry immediately agreed.  He didn't even think about it!  My sense of his submissive needs were immediately confirmed.

Soooo, this morning I called Helen and invited to her to come over for coffee.  She accepted and we had a very interesting conversation.  I shared with some of my discussion with Barry and asked her if she would be willing to again be a witness to what would happen.  I didn't know what to expect, since I don't think Helen even knew what "pegging" meant when I started to talk with her.  However, she quickly, and excitedly, agreed.  She is a very interesting and open woman.  I still needed to talk with Carol, but I knew she would love this, so Helen and I set a tentative date of tomorrow evening.  I suggested that we have coffee and dessert together, and Helen immediately offered to bring the dessert.

Later today, I called Carol and shared my plans with her, including some of my thoughts about what I would like her to do.  She was immediately "all in".

So ... tomorrow evening we will gather.  And, Barry is in for some surprises that may challenge him.  I think he will like them, based upon what I have observed about his submissiveness.

We shall see ...



  1. Ms. Susan- Wow. Sounds like things are interesting there these days.
    i'm sure Barry would agree the chastity is helpful to his providing proper "attention" to you.
    My Wife declined pegging me, and i'd still like to do it.. but i'd be so embarrassed to have Friends see it. i'd have to decline my Wife's offer, if it was like Yours. Hopefully you all will have a great time!

  2. OMG what a wonderful thing you are doing for your husband Susan! I would love to be in Barry's shoes, as it were. Have fun!

  3. Wow, this is such an interesting development in your relationship Susan. You definitely have very interesting and open friends. My wife pegs me, but has chosen not to put me in chastity. She has never shared that she pegs me with anyone, that I know of, but like Barry, I would probably agree to being pegged if I thought my wife's friends would not be freaked out. I'm excited to see where this goes. Penney

  4. Ms Susan I think Barry was very honest in confessing his desire to again have you take his bottom. I love your idea to use a strap on and invite your friends. True to Barry's submission he didn't need to think of your proposal of witness' but that does not mean he won't be embarrassed. It will be interesting to read what happened and I have a feeling more than you will be using a strap on and that would be good for Barry. He is a lucky man to have you. My wife makes sure a get a good pegging once a week and all of my pegging is private. like Barry if she wanted a witness I would agree with her.

  5. When we started discipline I often told my wife she owned my ass and I loved it when she told me so herself. But I thought of that as her spanking my bum. She introduced pegging and then I think she really felt she owned my ass, not just for spanking but for taking me with her strap on. She has never done it in front of anyone but like Barry I would obey her if she did. The strap on brings out submissiveness and obedience in me like nothing else including a hard spanking. I bet you are going to have a very obedient husband after this

  6. Wow! Sorry to be redundant, but that was my first reaction also.
    My wife has pegged me a few times now, and I am looking forward to getting it again.
    She would never do anything with anyone else present or participating so I will have to live vicariously through your delightful retelling of the scene.
    Yes, being punished in front of other women is one thing, but being bent over and taking it is quite another which will certainly drive home the submission along with some other things!

  7. Souns like brilliant progress is being made, his increased libido and increased submissiveness are leading him deep and deeper which is perfect for will be able to set the boundaries and parameters going forward and shape your lives into the format that suites your domineering desires perfectly