Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thank You for Role Play Suggestions

I would like to thank Pecan Nutjob, TL, and SSH for submitting three wonderful role play ideas for Barry and me to try.  They were each unique and offered scenarios to which I can relate.  They each also offer some interesting twists or actitivities that will be fun for me to surprise Barry with.

Following are introductions and brief summaries my interpretation of the three role play suggestions.  I have purposely not included many of the details of what was suggested, because I want to be able to surprise Barry.

Thespian Discipline - basis of which submitted by TL

Susan is a prominent professor of theater in a major university.  Several years ago she had a very shy student (Barry), who she discovered to be equally talented at playing male and female roles.  By casting him in female roles, Susan brought out his feminine side and Barry found that he loved the clothes, especially full stockings, garter belt, and silk panty undergarments that he now could wear under his costume, free of guilt. 

Three years have passed and Susan recently ran into Barry, who was a junior PR person staffing the registration desk of a charity event Susan was attending at a local hotel.  Susan and Barry agree to meet at the hotel bar at the end of the day to catch up.  Susan was also attracted to Barry and that feeling reappears when they meet.  Since she is now not emcumbered by professor/student ethics restrictions, she decides to get a room at the hotel so that the two of them can completely relax together.

Once in the privacy of the hotel room, the passion grows for each of them.  Susan reaches to undo Barry's belt, but he stops her, which confuses her.  She suddenly realizes he concern, but proceeds anyway.  As she gently lowers his trousers, she confirms the reason for his hesitation.  He is wearing a garter belt, stockings, and white lace panties.  It is also obvious that he is completely shaved.  Susan compliments him on how lovely and sexy he looks.

Then, with both stripped down to their underwear, Barry grabs Susan's hands. He looks her in the eye and asks if she rememberes his final exam. Susan reminisces about how proud she ws that he 'aced' the final written exam. Barry's face turns momentarily dark and he casts his eyes downward. There's a moment of silence. Finally, Susan quietly ask Barry if he has something to tell her. In a stammering voice, he admits he cheated on that final. 

Sternly, Susan indicates the possible ramifications of this admission, including revocation of his university degree. He admits his understanding and asks if you has ever punished one of her students.  Susan suddenly realizes that she has just learned about another special aspect of Barry's character and needs.  It excites her.

The scenario continues from here ....

"Corporate" Discipline in the Office - basis of which submitted by SSH

Barry is a mid-level manager in a large corporation.  He is also has very strong and uncontrollable fetishes with respect to women's panties and spanking.  He recently hired Susan as his secretary and it is her second day on the job.

Susan's work performance on during the first week is dismal.  She arrived late every day, took excessively long lunches, and her work products contained many errors.

The role play begins with Barry calling Susan into his office at the end of the week.  He objectively shares with her his dissatisfaction with her work ethic and ability.  He also shares with her that he has decided to terminate her.  Susan breaks into tears and shares with Barry that she is a single mother and really needs this job.  She pleads with him to give her another chance.

Barry decides to offer her an option to keep her job:  she must be willing to submit to what he refers to as "Corporate" discipline from him to help her change her work ethic and quality.  He explains that this discipline will include mentoring by him and receiving spankings if her behavior does immediately improve.  She quickly agrees and Barry provides her with a written contract for her to sign, agreeing to this arrangement.  Once the agreement is signed, Barry informs her that she will receive a spanking that day to provide her with an immediate incentive to improve.  At this point Barry had no idea what what Susan had planned for him.

The scenario continues ...

Barry gets a Governess - basis of which submitted by Pecan nutjob

Barry is just entering puberty and his mother doesn't know how to guide him through this extremely important development stage of his life.  She decides to hire a governess to look after him and help him.  Susan has been selected for the job.  She is definitely not the typical "cane-wielding governess" that one might expect.  She is caring, sensitive, and very understanding of the needs of teenage boys.  After all, she ended up raising her brother who was ten years her junior after her mother had died suddenly of cancer.  However, as caring and sensitive as Susan is, she fully understands the need for accountability and discipline.

Barry and his governess develop a very close relationship.  The scenario begins as Barry is thirteen and his hormones are raging.

All three of these role play scenarios are very intriguing to me and to Barry.  I have shared this level of detail with him, but nothing more, since I want there to be surprises.  I am also very excited that each of these suggestion offer much flexibility and room for them to continue as an ongoing basis.  None of them will be "one and done" type role plays.  Again, thank you very much to Pecan Nutjob, TL, and SSH for submitting them.  I really appreciate the time and effort you put forth.

Within the next couple of days, Barry and I will decide which one to try first.  Barry and I will then find a way to share what we consider to be appropriate with you.


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