Thursday, February 12, 2015

Barry's Decision

It didn't take Barry long to make his decision, which didn't surprise me.  Nor did his decision.  Tonight over dinner, Barry raised the matter of involving Carol in our role play.  He told me that he has been thinking about it a lot the past two days and he would like to try it.  Of course, that prompted a lengthy discussion, which included some ground rules about Carol's involvement.  I also probed Barry quite strongly about why this is so important to him and what fascinates him so much about having two women involved in the role play.  I basically learned that he has fantasized for many years about being spanked by two women who are sitting in chairs facing each other, with him over both of their laps.  He also focused on the arousal factor for him if he is put in an embarrassing situation with another woman present.  That led to a significant discussion about embarrassment versus humiliation.  Neither one of us want to go to the latter.  Consequently, Barry and I will continue to discuss more details of what he considers to be embarrassing and what he considers to be humiliating.

I also want to express my appreciation for the comments I have received to my last post, especially the caution about involving a family member in our role play.  After the situation with Barry's sister, I am very cautious.  However, I also have a much better knowledge of my sister.  If we proceed, Carol and I will have a very clear understanding of her role in this.  Carol is also a very different type of person than Barry's sister.  She has no ax to grind with Barry.  She also has always been much more open to things than I ever was.  But, the bottom line is that she and I will have some very specific ground rules.

So ... after our discussion tonight, Barry and I agreed that I will talk with Carol and see where things lead. Based upon her interest in my activities with Barry and what I know about her relationship with her ex-husband, I think I know what her reaction will be.  She is fascinated with Barry's and my relationship and would have liked to have had a more creative sex life with her ex.

I will keep you posted.



  1. Susan

    My wife has often fantasized about involving another woman. One scene she thought about was that she would spank me etc. (maybe take my temperature or other similar stuff) in front of the other woman, commenting on how I was a bad little boy, with the woman agreeing. Imagine the two women chatting about disciplining me while I get my bottom reddened, or the other woman pointing to my erect penis commenting "he seems to like it!" or "does he keep clean?".

    She could also have the woman spank me.

    Also, and this might not be your cup of tea as we say here, the woman could spank HER or witness her being spanked. Same thing, commenting on the "naughty girl".

    We've never done it. In order to do so, we would need to find somebody we could trust, interested in such scenes, and not too close emotionally.

  2. I felt like sub hub that Barry would accept Carol. From what you said about her I don't see a problem with her accepting rules. I think she is eager to explore and who knows where this will take you three after. It will be a very interesting role play.

  3. This is a fantastic turn of events; one about which I suspect many men have fantasized. I would be interested any details you care to share about your talk with Carol and about the ground rules you two discuss.

  4. I can't think of a more erotic thing to have happen for Barry. The idea of the existence of another that has intimate knowledge of my FLM is exciting enough. Mistress' BFF, who lives far away is aware of our relationship. To be in my subspace for Mistress, or to be disciplined, or ..... ?????, while another was present is so exciting to fantasize about.

    Have the greatest time ever. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Wow, exciting development - how do you feel about bringing your sister in - are you seeing it as mentoring her, or just "sharing"?
    In any case good luck, I'm sure it will be a benefit to both all three of you!

  6. Love this fantasy...I too would love to be spanked by two ladies, especially at the same time over both their laps.....can't wait to read more.