Sunday, January 25, 2015

Role Playing Suggestions Requested

Barry has always been fascinated with role playing.  When I first learned of Barry's need to be spanked several years ago, he confessed to me that for a number of years he had visited several dominas, as well as escorts who specialized in kinky sex when he traveled to different cities for work.  For each visit, he would compose a role playing scenario that he wanted to act out with the woman he was seeing.  They always involved Barry being spanked and sometimes pegged.  Sometimes they involved him spanking the escort before she found a way to 'turn the tables' on him.

I recently began to think about the discussions I had with Barry about his love for role playing.  I'm curious about using role play in our relationship at this time.  We've done a little bit with it, but not much.  I'm also intrigued with the idea of me creating the role play and causing Barry to have to respond to and deal with what I do, rather than him being so controlling of it (as he apparently was in his sessions years ago).

So ... here is my idea.  I would like my readers to email me ( your ideas concerning role play scenarios that would be appropriate for Barry and me.  I want them emailed to me so that Barry will not see them.  He will see this post and know that I am getting ideas. When I receive your suggestions, I will share the roles that we each will play with Barry, as well as a general concept of the role play.  But I will not share specifics of what you propose we do.  If we enact your role play, the specifics need to remain a surprise to Barry.

I will only share role play scenarios with which I am comfortable with Barry.  If he likes the general ideas that I share with him, we will enact it.  I will provide a posting of each role play we enact, and credit the contributor.  I will also include the specifics of your suggested role play in my posting if you give me permission to do so.

So ... if you like this idea, please send me your suggestions.  Please be specific about the role each of us should play.  Please also share as many specifics about what we should do as you want.  I will reserve the right to add or subtract from the specifics if we enact your role play.

I think this could be fun for Barry and me.  It will also provide a new source of creativity for me to address Barry's submissive needs, as well as my own.



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  2. Thank you Pecan. This type of scenario offers a lot of possibilities. I don't believe that Barry has viewed my blog since you posted it. So, I'm going to copy it, save it elsewhere, and then delete it from the blog. I want to make sure that whatever role plays we decide to use can include some surprises for him. That is why I had requested them to be emailed.

    I'll let you know if/when we use your suggestion. If I do, can I give you credit in my blog for suggesting it ?


  3. Yes please do. Actually you should credit my wife as well, since this is a summary of things we do together (though these days it's harder to have time for it because of children and work).

    I think it's the kind of role play that can include many surprises, and it's quite harmless.

  4. Sorry again for posting publicly.

    In this "governess" role play, the governess has two choices in some respect: either surprise the "hormone-raging teen" with acts that he did not expect, either use some public embarrassment by taking him to a drugstore to buy some of the accessories (maybe make some oblique remarks in front of staff).

  5. Another suggestion. If "relief" from the hormones is needed, you can choose to give it in a somewhat clinical way (one hand stroking, one gloved, well-greased finger up the rear), at bed or nap time.

  6. Again, role playing suggestion: adjust clothing accordingly. Childish-style pajamas, briefs (no boxer shorts or similar adult underwear).

    Preparation H suppositories and a panty liner in the briefs before a nap.