Monday, February 23, 2015

Debriefing with Carol and Barry

After our last role playing session, Carol, Barry, and I returned to the living room, lit a fire in the fire place and had a glass of wine while we took time to discuss our time together in Barry's office.  I knew by the broad smile on Barry's face that he had thoroughly enjoyed the entire scene.  He spoke first and shared that he loved the way Carol and I worked together and that his fantasy was wonderfully fulfilled.  When I probed him about whether he experienced embarrassment or humiliation, he shared that he was definitely embarrassed much of the time.  However, he never felt humiliated or degraded in any way.

Carol also acknowledged that she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She was amazed at the relationship that Barry and I have with respect to experimenting with our kinky fantasies and she was impressed with how at ease Barry was with her present.  She also shared that she would be very interested in learning more about our activities if and when we feel comfortable sharing more.  She explained that she had always wished that she and her husband could have experienced a relationship like this.

Carol also commented that she was quite amazed at the fact that Barry maintained an erection throughout most of the spanking he received prior to having an orgasm.  She also was amazed that Barry still seemed to somewhat enjoy the spanking even after his orgasm.

From my perspective, I shared that I didn't think the evening could have gone any better.  I loved working with Carol and I shared my appreciation with her for following my ground rules and not over stepping any boundaries.  I also felt she picked up the fine nuances of spanking at an appropriate level of severity very quickly (and Barry agreed).

In the end, we were all in agreement that it was a fun role play and that we would all be comfortable doing something similar again in the future.

After Carol left, Barry and I retired to the bedroom where he very quickly demonstrated his devotion and appreciation to me for the entire evening.  I have never seen him quite so anxious to get his head between my legs and such enthusiasm for pleasing me.  It was a good night for both of us :-).



  1. I'll say it again Susan, You and barry have an amazing relationship which is the main reason the three of you are able to share such amazing experiences together. Congratulations. I've become accustomed to being excited every time I see that there is a new post on this blog.

  2. Wow, that is something that I have desired for quite some time... that is, another adult to be "in on" our sexual relationship. My wife would never do anything like this in a million years. I have enjoyed hearing your story vicariously, though.

    Is Carol single, or still married?

    How often is Barry caged?

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I feel your role play session was a big success. An added bonus is that after the three of you sat and discussed it. What a fantastic relationship you, Barry and Carol have. It's one many of us only wish we could have. I hope in the future you and Barry feel you can share more with Carol and maybe remove some of her restrictions. She sounds like she is very interested and wants to learn more. Please keep us posted.