Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Several readers have asked questions about Carol in their comments or emails sent to me.  Carol is my youngest sister and is in her early fifties.  She is eight years younger than me and was always very much a free spirit.  As the youngest of five children, she also received the least amount of parental supervision of any of us and had the least expectations put on her.  Due to our age difference, we were not very close growing up.  After all, I was off to the university before Carol was in Junior High School.  However, after Barry and I moved back to the midwest a bit ago, she and I have become very close.  She is the only family member I have in this area at this time and she went through a major tragedy in her life shortly before we moved here.  Her husband of almost twenty five years tragically died of cancer.  It has been very good to be living so close to her at this time and very special that we have become so close at this stage of our lives.



  1. It is great to read your blog, my comment is at twenty-three, I enjoy older women. My inner deep desire was a spanking be part of the relationship. It was after a wonderful night, in the morning still in bed she asked me my desire and said were both naked and nothing to hide. I looked at her and said I wish to be spanked, no playful, but a serious spanking OTK. She smiled and notice my erection, that can be done she said, won't tell you when or why but can be done. It was maybe a week later, I was told a spanking was needed and best do as told. Her voice was stern, her eyes meant I was in trouble. I stood before her as she lowered my pants and underpants and I had an erection. She said that would be gone shortly and sure enough while squirming on her lap and feeling the sting of her hand it went limp. I cried and pleaded for her to stop and she made sure I remembered this spanking. I faced the wall, that night, no sex, she said naughty little boys do not have sex. I got what I wanted and more, older women just know how to give a spanking, do you agree with this?

  2. thefolkswholiveonthehill.wordpress.comMarch 4, 2015 at 6:48 AM

    I don't think that Carol is going to continue being on the side lines in future?
    If Barry is ok with it, and I think he will be, then I would suggest in your next role play that Carol should take on some of the "forbiddens" you've given her, and see how it goes.