Monday, February 16, 2015

Planning for the Next Installment of "Corporate" Discipline

After Barry shared his decision to go forward with incorporating my sister, Carol, into our "Corporate" Discipline roleplay, we spent some more time talking about his desire for this type of fantasy, and discussing his definitions of embarrassment versus humiliation.  Embarrassment is a significant part of his fantasy, but humiliation is definitely not part of what either of us are comfortable with.  In trying to understand his definitions, I finally ended up listing a number of activities and asking Barry whether he would consider them embarrassing or humiliating.   The types of things on the list included:

  • being spanked in front of Carol over his panties or on the bare
  • being spanked by Carol over his panties or on the bare
  • having his genitals exposed to Carol
  • being sexually teased and denied in front of Carol
  • being brought to orgasm with a vibrator in front of Carol
  • experiencing a ruined orgasm in front of Carol
  • being required to masturbate in front of Carol
  • being fed his own cum in front of Carol
  • having a butt plug inserted in front of Carol
  • being pegged in front of Carol
I'm not comfortable with some of these items, but I was trying to provide Barry with a broad spectrum to help me better understand his limits.  When we were done talking, I felt quite comfortable that I know what he would consider to be humiliating, so I can be sure to not go there.

Yesterday I had Carol over to the house for lunch and we had chance to have a lengthy discussion about her potential participation in our little role play scene.  She was not surprised by the topic and was actually quite intrigued by it.  I think I may have mentioned before that Carol is quite a few years younger than me and has always been less sexually inhibited than I used to be.  The more we talked about the "Corporate" Discipline scenario, the more interested she became.  She was also very interested in learning Barry's feelings about her being involved.  And, she completely understood and agreed with the ground rules that I presented, which included:
  • Carol will follow my lead direction at all times
  • Carol will not directly initiate any activity (she can propose something to me during the role play, but must not initiate it unless I concur)
  • Carol will serve as a witness and will actively participate only when directed to do so
  • Carol will not touch Barry's genital area at any time
  • Carol will participate in spanking and paddling Barry, but will follow my lead and direction with respect to severity
I also shared with Carol some of my current thoughts concerning where I will take this segment of the roleplay and she seemed to like my ideas.  She also shared a couple of her ideas, which I am seriously considering.  In the end, we both felt quite comfortable with the entire idea and came up with a possible evening this week when we can make it happen.  

It is clear that Carol will be a very different participant than was Barry's sister a couple of years ago.  It is also clear that Barry will be in for one or two surprises.



  1. This is just so incredibly exciting. Kudos to you Susan for entertaining and accommodating this "fantasy" for Barry. I can't wait to hear more as this entire things unfolds.

    Fantasizing a little of my own, had I been presented with your questions (assuming those very questions would come from my beloved Mistress K.), here's how I'd answer them:

    Yes to all/any of those Mistress, based entirely on your preference/desire.

    Again, the two of you are on an incredible journey and as it seems to develop more into a FLM from what seemed to be a switch environment, I can't help but admire the two of you a great deal. Congratulations on having such a deep and loving relationship.

  2. I think embarrassment is the same as mild humiliation. So it's not a question of whether something is one or the other, but a question of what level of humiliation is fun and when does it go to far.

    You are also playing with Barry's feelings of humiliation, and I think that you all, including Carol, know that this is a game and that Barry is in reality respected rather than thought of as worthless.

    Note that some of the activities can be enjoyed without any embarrassment or humiliation if everyone sees it that way. Though the mild humiliation is key to Barry's fantasies, getting spanked in public is not necessarily humiliating (I've attended a presentation on spanking and the woman who was spanked in front of us all clearly enjoyed being spanked and wasn't at all humiliated).

    I very much hope this all goes well for you.

  3. PS - For mental health I recommend that you program in a calm down time after your session is over.

    So rather than her leaving at the very end of the session, you spend some time all sitting around to acknowledge that what just happened was all adult fun, and that Barry really is an equal and respected.

  4. I agree that humiliation and embarrassment are a continuum and some men need more than others. But whatever it’s called it’s a way to get a guy under control especially if punishment is imminent or he is rebelling in any way. Embarrassment such as having your pants taken down or given an enema temporarily eviscerates the male ego and lets deeper feelings come to the fore such as the need to be controlled or given a spanking. It also makes a man feel more submissive and obedient. My wife has made herself an expert on what level of embarrassment is needed to keep me under control and that makes discipline more effective and our relationship much better

  5. Barry wants to go forward and bring Susan in for Corporate discipline role play. Not really sure what corporate discipline is. But if Barry wants to feel submission Then he should not be asked what will take place it should be up to you and he should trust you. I'm with sub hub I don't see anything wrong with what you listed. Carol should be allowed to be totally involved.

  6. Normally I think including a third party is effective particularly in increasing the disciplinary effects of spanking. With role playing I don't have any experience but it should make any " scene" more exciting. But Barry's bad reaction to being spanked by his sister in front of you would make me go slowly. For me my wife spanking me in front of her sister dramatically deepened the discipline but I wonder how I would react if I was spanked in front of my sister or spanked by her in front of my wife. Sorry for the rambling. Just be careful