Monday, February 9, 2015

First Role Play - "Corporate" Discipline - Part 3

What I whispered into Barry's ear was not something I planned.  It was also not part of the role play suggested to us.  It was just spontaneous.

When I left our home office, I immediately went to our bedroom and changed into Barry's favorite negligee.  Since I had time, I also went and poured two glasses of wine which I took to our bedroom.  When he finally came upstairs, I was a wife who had been waiting patiently for her husband to arrive home from work ... and was very aroused (which I definitely was).

When Barry arrived, I played the role:  an aroused wife who didn't understand why he was late.  He didn't have any good answers, which didn't make me happy at all.  I let my sexual desire take over and tried to seduce him (I really needed to have my needs fulfilled at this time).  While questioning him about where he has been, I also began to remove his trousers.  He resisted, but I persisted.  As his trousers came down, I grasped his crotch and felt the mess in his panties.  My acting roll took over and I went ballistic with him.  He was clearly not expecting this and didn't know how to react.

After some tense conversation, I sent him to the bathroom to clean himself up.  While he was gone, I brought out the Libertor ramp and placed it on the bed.  I also brought out our newly acquired leather spanking strap.  When he reappeared, I ordered him over the ramp and began to use the strap on him while I interrogated him.  I didn't use it hard, since I didn't want this to be punishment at this time.  I eventually got him to confess to what had occurred in his office.  That resulted in me continuing to strap him as punishment (but it really wasn't).

When I was ready to conclude the "punishment",  I reminded him how I had waited patiently for him to return home and that I needed to have my "needs" fulfilled.  He got the message and immediately gently placed me on the bed and put his head between my legs.  After about ten minutes, I let him know that I needed more than that at this time.  I directed him to get our Ride-On Colussus, which he did.  After installing it over his limp penis, I put him on his back and climbed on to ride him Cow-girl fashion.  That way, I could control things, which I did.  It was wonderful

When I finished and removed the Ride-on, I was surprised to find him erect.  After a short time of teasing, we settled into a wonderful period of cuddling.  We ended up falling asleep in each other's arms.

So, thus ends our first role-play.  It was much more than either of us imagined it could be.  We each became more involved than we expected.  The next morning we spent time over breakfast debriefing about it ... and we were each amazed at how creative we each had become.

We seem to have found another new outlet for our passion.  This is something I never expected as we enter a new phase of our lives.



  1. Your surprise move in your "role play" - when you play the frisky wife who wants sex but realizes his husband has recently ejaculated - is not far from something that really happened to us.

    A while ago, in the beginning of our relationship, at some point I was waiting in bed for my dear beloved but she was not coming, I don't remember why but there was a good reason for that. So I masturbated and had an orgasm. Then she came back, a randy and eager for intercourse - but I was spent and she was quite disappointed.

    After that incident my wife proposed that we both abstain from self-masturbation unless either of us is away. She felt that having an orgasm alone in one room while the partner is in the other one was selfish, especially since afterwards one is somewhat sexually unavailable. She told me the rightful location for my penis is her vagina, not my hand. So to summarize, a little self-touching is tolerated but self-abuse to orgasm is strongly frowned upon. If I feel in need of release, I should ask her and she would act appropriately (or, if she felt unable to do so, she would grant me the authorization to deal with my needs myself), and the same would apply to her.

    Then, later, she suggested the rule that, during "allowed" masturbation when either of us is away from home, we should do it over marital fantasies and especially abstain from extra-marital fantasies.

    I'm not saying that we've always complied with these rule; there have been some embarrassing incidents.

    We have incorporated some anti-masturbation games into our play. For instance, one thing we sometimes do is the "meditation nap". Let's say I'm the spanker and she is the spankee. She puts on panties and pajamas and comes to me. I pull them down, redden her rear end, then pulls them back up. By that time she might be wet "down there", but she's put to bed with a prohibition to touch herself or to rub her behind.

  2. Role play can add new interest into a relationship with both acting out their roles as things progress. You have found a new way to play enjoy it and take yourselves to new heights.

  3. Well played, as they say in the UK. A wonderfully exciting recitation of the entire evening! Thanks!

  4. The two of you are just so wonderful to follow. Thank you so much Susan for sharing this. I can't wait to hear more.

  5. Wow, that is a great finale to this role play scenario.
    Very interesting that this play also leads to some communication about things that you might not talk about otherwise.
    Good to hear that Susan is having a good time being in control and apparently Barry is enjoying being well used too.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write about this adventure for your readers as we receive a vicarious thrill reading about it, perhaps hoping that someday we will be doing such things too.

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