Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Birthday Spanking Gone Wrong

We arrived home a little after 1 PM today, much earlier than I expected.  Barry is watching the Patriots game. and I have decided to use this time to share the results of last night, which turned out to be a much more intense evening than I had planned.  I'm still trying to digest what happened and trying to figure out how to proceed forward as a family.

I suspect that I should first provide a little more background, and then try to go forward from there.

After our little family secret was revealed to Barry's sister Joan, one of the first thoughts that entered my head was several conversations that Barry and I had when I first learned of his fascination with being spanked.  When we were reviewing his extensive photo collections, I gained huge insights into his various fantasies.  One of his favorites was being spanked by two women and/or being embarrassed by being spanked in front of another woman.  At that time, I never dreamed that we would ever consider experiencing that type of situation.  However, Barry's sister's knowledge of his being spanked and the fact that she spanks her life partner changed all of that.  It brought some interesting ideas to my mind.

During one of our early phone conversations, I gathered the courage to share Barry's fantasies in this area with her and some of my ideas.  We quickly settled on the idea of meeting at their parents' former home this weekend to work on cleaning it out and to celebrate Barry's birthday (which was Saturday).  This would provide an ideal setting to implement our plan, which would include Joan and I jointly administering a birthday spanking/paddling to Barry over his panties in front of Joan's partner, Carol.  We made our arrangements and Barry never suspected that this weekend would be other than  a time to work together on the house and celebrate his birthday.

We all arrived at the house early Saturday morning and worked until about 5 PM going through the family possessions, figuring out what to do with them as the parents enter this new phase of their life.  We had previously agreed that we would all go out to dinner to celebrate Barry's birthday and that we could come back to the house to enjoy a birthday cake baked by Joan.  As we showered and got ready to go to dinner, I released Barry from his device, as a bit of a birthday present to him.  Of course, he seemed quite pleased.  But, I then told him that in return, I wanted him to 'dress up' for me, which meant wearing a new pair of white sheer panties, along with a garter belt and stockings.  He quickly agreed, which told me that he didn't suspect anything.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we found ourselves seated at a rectangular table, two on each side.  I ended up sitting next to Barry, which gave me the opportunity let my hand wander under the table and tease him a bit.  His reaction was priceless, and I'm sure that Joan (and maybe Carol) were somewhat aware of what I was doing.  There were several smiles from Joan that I wasn't sure how to interpret.

We had a delightful dinner and progressed back to the house to share Joan's cake and presents to Barry.  According to our plan, Joan and I each delivered the same gift, a "Spanking Buddy" (see previous post).  However, mine was opened second and included a note to Barry that he would receive a very special birthday spanking from Joan and me, using the two "Spanking Buddies" in front of Carol.

After the cake was cut and enjoyed, Joan carried two dining room chairs into the living room and then invited the rest of us to join her.  As I look back on it, this should have been a clue that Joan planned to hijack my plans for the evening, since we had not talked about doing this.  When we walked in the living room, Joan directed me to the chair I should sit in and she directed Carol to sit on the sofa.    The chairs were very close together facing each other and each containing a Spanking Buddy.  As Joan joined me,she alternated her legs with mine, which provided a very broad lap over which Barry would lie.  Carol seated herself on the sofa, which provided her a direct view of Barry's face after he would be over our laps.  Joan then ordered Barry to come to her left side and to lower his trousers.  At that point, a look came over his face that told me he suddenly remembered that he was wearing a garter belt and stockings.  I had planned that, but I didn't plan for the drama that Joan was providing.

As Barry lowered his trousers, it was quite clear to all of us that he was erect, which Joan quickly pointed out to all of us.  She then pulled him over our laps and told him that he was in for a very special birthday spanking.    She completely took charge at this point and informed him that she and I would each deliver s spank with the Spanking Buddies, and that the two of them would count as one.  She also directed Carol to count after each of the two spanks were delivered.  Joan and I had previously planned that we would each mirror each others spanks in location and intensity.  However, I had planned to take the lead.  Joan didn't allow me that opportunity.  She quickly delivered a firm spank to the cheek closest to her and I mirrored it.  Carol then counted "one".  Joan continued, moving up and down his bottom.  The spanks were all firm, but not as hard as I had planned for Barry.  I now suspect that this was done purposely by Joan.

When we reached Barry's magic number, Barry quickly stood up and started to turn away.  Joan quickly stopped him.  She said something like "Whoa, I'm not done yet.  I think you've been enjoying this too much".  She pulled him back to face me and Carol.  It was apparent that he was fully erect, which Joan quickly pointed out. She then told him to that she planned to give him her own birthday spanking, since she always wanted to pay him back for the aggravation he gave her as the "little brother".  She pulled him back over our laps and proceeded to spank him with an intensity and speed that was amazing.  I was taken completely by surprise and am very sorry to say that I didn't stop it.  However, in my defense, I confess that I was feeling like Joan was providing a very realistic version of Barry's ideal fantasy

When she stopped and told Barry to get up, she pointed out to all of us that his erection was completely gone.  Barry was humiliated, and quickly disappeared to the bedroom and I quickly followed.  This was clearly not what I wanted for the evening.  We had a long discussion about what happened and what it was like growing up with her.

This morning was very tense.  We had a quick breakfast together.  Barry and Joan were each very quiet.  Carol and I tried to make conversation.  Joan seemed to try to apologize, blaming her intensity on too much wine during dinner.  Barry couldn't quite deal with it all.  I suspect that Carol and I were each realizing that a lot of emotion had been released between an older sister and younger brother last night, but couldn't fully understand or deal with it.

I suspect that Joan and I need to have a very long conversation before the two siblings can get together again.

Families are challenging.



  1. well that is quite a kettle of fish.

    Hope you can sort all that sibling angst out.


  2. Wow, I think that if I were Barry, I would "disown" a sister!!


  3. Susan,

    The inclusion of friends and family in an intimate fantasy is risky business. Plenty of ground work need to be laid in my opinion. However, I don't think your situation is beyond repair. There might be some mutual mending to take care of, but if you're patient and communicative, it could work. Besides, the "secret" is out.

    Good Luck,