Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can You Spot People?

Barry is still watching the Patriots, so I am continuing to ponder.

I have an interesting question. I am very active in a number of organizations that provide social services (which is one of the reasons why I have to be careful about how much I reveal about myself).  I have been very aware of a member of a committee which I chair in one of these organizations.  I have noticed that when she comes to meetings, she is dressed in black business suits, which seems a bit out of context in today's northern New England culture, even for work. A week ago her husband joined her at a social function.  I had never met him before.  He seemed a bit 'mousey'.  I suspect you know where I am going with this.  Since I wanted to welcome him, I engaged him in conversation.  He volunteered that he provides his wife with 'breakfast in bed'.  He later made a comment about her being "high maintenance".  I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I suspect that he was a very submissive husband.

I am beginning to wonder if we can begin to recognize individuals who share our type of relationships?

Has anyone else had this type of experience?


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  1. I don't know. I'm skeptical that it's possible to tell just by looking at a person. Some folks who may appear to be rather mousey and timid might be leaders in their relationships. In the 'Real People' section of the Disciplinary Wives Club website there's a few comments where the guys are described as not wimpy or type-A personalities and the women are described as shy and reserved. It's a bit of a cliche but supposedly a large portion of dominatrixes clientele consist of high ranking professionals.

    That all said, I wouldn't be surprised if someone (of either gender) with a dominant personality could, when talking to a potential date, figure out pretty quickly when they're talking to someone with submissive tendencies.