Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving Forward

Barry and I have been having a very good week.  He is working late this evening, so I thought I would take a few minutes to share an update and some of my thoughts.

Barry seems to be letting go of much of his anger with respect to Joan (for which I am very thankful).  The birthday weekend brought out a number of dynamics between the two of them that he had never shared with me.  However, after a number of long discussions between the two of us, I think he is coming to terms with them.  I must confess that I feel like I had a very boring childhood (for which I am very thankful).  However, even though he is coming to terms with it, I am going to be careful about when when meet again with Joan and what happens at that meeting.

For the immediate future, I'm feeling a need to strengthen what happens between Barry and me.  I want him to feel safe with me (without the presence of Joan), and I also want to make sure I maintain control.  If I could get to that point of a discussion with him, I suspect that he would share those goals, since I have seen that he loves me to maintain control.  However, there I feel that there are still some aspects of his relationship with Joan that he has not shared.  Consequently, I feel like I am still flying blindly to some degree.  I really wish he could verbalize more with me.

I'm planning to make tomorrow night a fun night for the two of us.  But, I also want to make sure I maintain control.  So, I'm thinking about providing a night of teasing and providing him with a very rewarding orgasm, along with expanding my control.  Friday night is our customary night to make sure he maintains shaving from his waist to mid-thigh.  It has become customary for him to shave what he can see and for me to handle more intimate areas.  We both have grown to love the latter.  It has become fun for both of us in our large walk-in shower and it provides me with a great opportunity to provide a tease and denial situation.

Since we are now into colder weather in the Northeast when Barry always wears long-sleeve shirts and long pants, I would love to shave him completely.  That would feel very sexy to me and it would also allow me to maintain and expand control.  Given the weather, it would also assure that no one else would know about what we are doing.

I have to also confess that I am still waiting to use the RealDoe that arrived a week ago.  After last weekend, I want to be careful about how and when I bring that out.  I suspect it may not happen for a while.  I am also aware that after this weekend, our opportunity to "play " will be reduced for a while, since we have two children coming home for the holidays.



  1. Barry...Susan...two kids coming home for Christmas. OMG!! Mom? Is that you!?!?!

  2. Susan,
    I keep hubbette shaved all over during the winter months. I adore his smooth body. I'm also glad things are working out with Joan. I have been meaning to comment on your last few posts so check back as I will leave some comments this weekend when I catch up.


  3. If it were up to me, Joan would be out of the picture, but family is family, and whatever happenned, happenned. Barry and Joan have lived with this for years, but at least now he has you.

    Family traumas are far more common and real than people think, because most people suffer through them in silence.

    It was not until recently that my wife made me realize how much anger and resentment I've been holding against my own father, and finally figuring it out, and how useless those feelings were at the present, was a truly liberating experience.

    I wish you both good luck.

  4. Like hearing your update, and glad you'll be expanding your control as you move forward. Sigh, no shaving here...