Monday, December 12, 2011

Sorting it Out ... and a Punishment Spanking

After the Patriots game yesterday, Joan called.  Barry refused to talk with her, but she and I had a very constructive conversation.  She was very saddened by Barry's reaction and didn't mean to ruin the evening.  I shared with her my frustration that she had basically hijacked the evening from me and took over, and she apologized.  I don't think she really meant to take things over, but her enthusiasm got a bit out of hand.  We each came to the conclusion that Barry must have just found the reality of his fantasy much more humiliating than he ever imagined it could be when he shared it with me.

After I got off the phone, Barry continued to mope around and feel sorry for himself.  He didn't even want to listen to what Joan had said or the fact that she was sorry.  I tried to have a discussion with him during dinner about what happened the night before.  However, he was having no part of listening and didn't want to hear that Joan and I both felt badly, that we didn't mean for it to be so devastating for him, and that we had really only provided what he had described to me as one of his favorite fantasies.  We thought we were doing a good thing for his birthday.

When we got ready for bed he was still whining when I told him it was time to put his device back on (I had allowed him to keep it off again on Sunday, thinking it might help the day go better).  When he lowered his pants to allow me to lock him up again, it was apparent from the precum stains in his panties that he had been aroused quite a bit during the day.  He then had the bad timing of asking me if he could have an orgasm.  That pushed the wrong buttons with me after having listened to him whine all day.  I sort of flipped out and told him   that I was so tired of his whining that he was going to get something to whine about ... a serious punishment spanking.

He knew what that meant and he immediately tried to change his tune.  However, it was too late.  I then marched him into the bathroom where I plugged in my Hitachi and held it against his erect penis that was still within his panties.  I held it in place until he began to climax and immediately shut it off, letting his semen sort of ooze out of his penis.   I then dragged him back to the bedroom where I tied his hands wrists behind his back, laid him over a pillow on the bed, and then I took the bath brush to his bottom.  I administered what was probably one of the hardest paddlings I have ever given him.  I didn't bother to remove his panties, but they certainly didn't offer any protection from the brush.  When I finally let up, there were tears in his eyes as he crawled under the covers and went to sleep.

I felt badly about having lost my temper.  However, I was really fed up with all of the whining all day long.  This morning he seemed quite contrite and apologized to me for being awful all day yesterday.  During dinner he even agreed that he would talk with Joan and try to sort things out with her about Saturday.  He is on the phone with her as I compose this post.  Hopefully, they can resolve things together,because I am tired of the drama from both of them!



  1. You just found out what a well timed spanking can to to adjust an attitude!

  2. can´t wait to hear how the whole thing ended.

  3. I have had this happen more often than I would like to remember where some event or experience left me grumpy and spiteful and just hateful. My wife tries to talk to me and be patient as you did but if it continues she administers a hard spanking and a second one if the first doesn’t do it. At the moment being spanked is the last thing I think I want or need but it’s exactly what is needed. It seems to break up the bad feeling and restore harmony. For years my wife put up with that behavior until she learned how to nip it in the bud. I am glad that she did because I don’t like myself when I act like that. But honestly it’s the hardest part of our relationship because every part of me want to resist discipline when I feel like that.


  4. Hmmm, I find being locked back up in a chastity device does it for me and readjusts my attitude to one of service to my wife. My wife will give me a spanking but only a semi erotic one. I have yet to experience a punishment spanking of the type administered to Barry. I can imagine how it would be effective.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. And Anonymous 5:49, don't forget that Barry's behind was probably still sore from the last spanking.

    I don;t know how I'd react if my SISTER did that to me. I guess the only way I would allow it is if my wife ordered me to do it, which thankfully, I don't thionk she'd ever do.

    Now, there is a certain neighbor...