Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way - PLEASE Don't Text and Drive

Yesterday I learned a very hard lesson that I hope none of you have to learn. Please don't text and drive.

I was on our local interstate highway traveling in the middle lane.  I apparently drifted into the right lane.  Before I knew what had happened, my car and another one were careening off the road.  I have no idea what I hit, but my airbags deployed.  The other car also ended up off the road,  I thank God that I and the people in the other car were not injured. The other car contained a mother and her two young daughters.  It was an awful experience.

My car could not be driven since the airbag had deployed.  Fortunately, Barry was reachable by cellphone and he came to the scene and could take be home.  Once he realized I was OK, it was a very quiet ride home.  As we pulled into our garage he finally spoke:  "Were you texting?".  I had to admit that I was.  There was again silence as we walked into the house.  I couldn't take it and finally asked Barry to talk to me.  He was obviously very upset and was having trouble being able to express himself.  He finally managed to say something like "I don't know what to say.  I have asked and asked you not to text while you drive.  I almost feel like turning you over my knee and giving you a spanking that you will remember for the rest of you life. "  For some reason, I responded that maybe he should because I deserved to be punished.

Barry immediately took me by the arm and led me to our bedroom.  He led me to face the mirror on my dresser and told me to stand there and look myself in the eye and to think about what I had done.  He bluntly informed me that I could have killed myself as well as a mother and her two young daughters.  He then left the room.

When he returned he placed a dining room chair at the foot of our bed.  He then took me by the arm and led me to his side as he sat on the chair.  Before I knew it I was lying over his lap and my skirt was pulled up above my waist.  The first spank landed immediately and it was a hard one.  This was going to be very different from the erotic spankings that Barry occasionally gives me.  He proceeded to continuously spank me hard.  I just laid there and absorbed it.  After a while he told me to stand.  When I did so, he lowered my pantyhose and panties to my knees and began to lecture me as he took me back over his lap.  The lecturing continued as the spanking resumed, even harder than before.  Somewhere in the process he switched from using his hand to my wooden hairbrush that I keep on my dresser.  I hadn't even realized that he had picked it up before he took me over his lap.   I finally burst into tears and just sobbed as the spanking continued.  The sobbing was not from the pain (although it hurt like the devil).  It was purely emotional as it sunk into me how close I had come to ruining a number of peoples' lives.  I was like a wet dishrag when he finally stopped and helped me to my feet.  I collapsed and sat on his lap as he hugged and kissed me.

Afterwards we decided to go out to a local cafe for dinner.  Neither one of us had the energy to cook at home.  I sat very gingerly and I am still sore this morning.  When I got ready for bed I inspected my bottom.  It was still quite red, but not bruised.

One thing is certain, I will never text while I'm driving again.  The potential consequences are just too great.  I am thankful that yesterday's situation did not result in a disaster.  I'm not sure how I feel about the spanking I received.  Barry spanked in a loving and caring way, but it was definitely a discipline spanking.  I know I deserved it, and in some ways I'm glad that Barry gave it to me.  However, I guess I'm just not sure how I feel about him spanking me like that even though I realize that I gave my consent.



  1. Shame on you Ms. Susan. I think I remeber a post from earlier in you blog, where Berry had done something similar and you spanking him. I'm glad your you and everyone else is ok.

  2. Well, at least you have seen first hand the dangers of texting and driving. More people should see this blog. Thank goodness you and the 3 other innocent people were not killed.

  3. Glad you and the involved are OK. I am a horrible multi-taskers, so I have never tried. I've read texts but not tried to type. No way I can do that.

  4. Better this texting incident is being reported here in your blog -- with a good outcome, despite your spanking -- than on your local news, describing a fatal car crash. Very fortunate.

  5. Glad that you are alright, Susan. please do not ever text when you are driving. its dangerous. i hope you have learnt your lesson well. :)

  6. Dear Susan

    My wife also tends to be distracted and to act dangerously at times, though this has improved over time. We had a few close shaves, though, with some luck, nothing serious (a damaged car is better than a damaged human..).

    This is the kind of occasion where we apply corporal punishment. Most of our spankings are usually for play, at least in some part, but not in this case. In fact, there is a high similarity between our couple and what you describe: the culprit feels he or she deserve to be punished, feels utter shame, and gets a long and hard spanking, often with an implement, with a lecture about proper behavior.

    For instance, my wife once did something dangerous when hiking in a National park in the US, frightening me terribly. We were camping and it was impractical to deal with it the same day, but when we came back to our motel the rooms around had no clients. Then, as you did, she asked to be properly punished and got a very red bottom over my knee. We then went dining out, to a place with a kind of country theme; the missus had to seat on a wooden bench, which duly reminded her of her well-deserved predicament.

  7. Susan, I believe your husband should put you on a MAINTENANCE SPANKING MARRIAGE. This would mean that every week your husband has a right depending on your demerits, the type of spanking you truly deserve. Your latest fiasco, in my opinion deserves a good CANING. A dozen strokes of this pliable spanking implement across your bare bottom, is what was needed after your CAR ACCIDENT.

  8. In answer to PECAN NUTJOB. Your wife also needs Maintenance spankings once a week. Yes, her dangerous hiking affair while you were in one of our national parks also calls for a good good caning on her naked rear end.

  9. Dear sixofthebest,

    I have spanked my wife several times for dangerous behavior and we both think she deserved it. However we are not into caning, and we don't do "maintenance spankings" per se.