Friday, December 19, 2014

Acquired Tastes: Felatio and Handwork

Barry would probably like me to have called this "Acquired Tastes:  Blow Jobs and Hand Jobs".  However, I must confess that I absolutely hate those two terms.  They sound vulgar and crude to me.  And, they don't begin to convey my feelings when I use my mouth or my hands to provide Barry with pleasure.  Enough said about these two male terms!

My reason for choosing this topic is that this is another area where I have experienced a complete reversal with respect to how I feel about sexual activity. Prior to three years ago, I had used my mouth once on Barry's penis and it was an awful experience.  I also avoided even touching his penis when we made love.  I hated its wet sticky feeling when he oozed fluid while excited.  Needless to say, I also hated (and still don't really enjoy) the mess he makes when he climaxes.

OK, I got those feelings out of the way.  What I really want to share is the transformation I have experienced and how much I enjoy finding ways to please Barry sexually, especially since he has made such an effort to learn to please me.  I now fully enjoy using my mouth (in a limited way) and my hands to tease and excite him.  This change has come about due to a several things, which I will try to explain in this post.

One of the things that helped the most for me to make this transition was our decision for Barry to shave his private area.  With the hair gone, I found Barry's penis and testicles quite interesting.  It made me want to learn more about them.  When I think about it, it probably also had a lot to do with the fact that I couldn't deal with getting all the hair in my mouth if I tried to pleasure him that way.

The second thing that continues to assist me in this area is a woman known as Klixen.  When I first discovered Barry's collection of photos and video links, she was a prominent figure in his section concerning "blowjobs and handjobs" (Barry's name of his folder containing them).  Below are two links than help demonstrate why I consider her a mentor in this area:  -- This video shows how Klixen expertly and lovingly is able to slowly bring her partner to an orgasm.  I was amazed at how calmly and lovingly she achieves her goal and how calm her partner is as he climaxes.  I loved the way she stays focused on him and how peaceful the entire process is.  I've not been able to achieve what she does, but I continue to try to emulate her. -- This video is a compilation from numerous others.  However, I love the way it demonstrates both her oral and hand techniques, as well as her loving focus on her goal.  I confess that I can't deal with semen on my face the way she does.  However, Barry and I have an understanding about that.

Klixen's videos were able to show me that oral and manual stimulation doesn't have to be crude.  They each can be loving acts.

So, I have now been able to incorporate felatio and handwork into my repertoire of activities that please Barry.  I couldn't have imagined being able to do so three years ago.



  1. We date and think we know each other. We marry and learn more about each other. Marriage is a life long learning experience. If you are in a DD's relationship there is more to learning. Communion is the best teacher. Relationship is about keeping each other happy and giving the other what we can, along with understanding their desires.

  2. Susan, that was so very well put. Until now, I always wanted to know the name of that woman that makes handwork and fellatio so amazingly sexy. Her expression never changes, she appears (to me anyway) to be absolutely dominant and as asuch is exy as hell.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  3. My wife also hates the mess I make when I cum ( as seldom as that is) so she never allows me to cum in her pussy. When she tells me I may enter her and I possibly be allowed to cum, I have to keep a plastic cup next to me so if she gives me permission, I have to pull out and have a ruined orgasm into the cup. That happens maybe once a year. The other 2 or 3 times a year she allows me to cum, she will rub me thru my panties. Instead of edging me, she will say ,"you may make a mess" and allow me to mess my panties . She will rub me to a wonderful orgasm.

  4. From time to time I very much enjoy bringing elliot to orgasm with my hand. I will tease him with my mouth but it has been years since he has been even close to coming in my mouth.

    Having a cup nearby for the mess is an excellent idea.

    You might also want to explore the gentle art of prostate milking...ejaculation without orgasm is a very pleasing way for a wife to demonstrate her control.

  5. I have been reading your blog for a while now, greatly enjoying it too, and was surprised to find that only three years ago you were just starting to enjoy these things. I just presumed that you had been having wild and crazy sex for years.
    You have certainly come a long way in a short time.
    I am also finding in our marriage that even after all these years it just keeps getting better.

  6. When I met my wife, she was no longer a virgin but her preceding relationships had not been much sexually successful, she told me. Intercourse was not unpleasant but was not extraordinary either, "handjobs" were clumsy, her partners had never masturbated her to orgasm. She had not had cunnilingus (too dirty down there!) and she had tried a "blowjob" but had given up due to the "ick" factor.

    She resented "blowjobs" for three reasons. First, due to the vulgar name and how it is featured in porn etc. it has a very vulgar and uncaring image. Second, a penis is dirty - and I cannot blame her because an unwashed penis smells of pee. Third, she feared it could get in too far or ejaculate inside her mouth.

    The first issue was solved by love and care - there is nothing vulgar and uncaring in a loving relationship. The second... since she was intrigued by my intact foreskin I told her she could simply wash me herself; so for a long time we had this habit that she would was my penis before sex. The third - the man is supposed to have some self-control. What happened sometimes is that, while she was alternating with hand and mouth, I would climax and she would not notice and then change from hand to mouth and discover my glans to be covered in semen; she said it's no big deal (she does not like the taste but it's not terrible either).

    We do not say "blowjob" (or "pipe", French slang), we say things like "could you please use your mouth".

    She had a very similar issue with cunnilingus: how was I going to stick my tongue there? Again, solved by loving care and hygiene.

    With respect to handjobs, my early girlfriends were brusque. I don't know where girls take their information on male genitalia but some seem to believe that you rub them as though you were cleaning some pots and pans. This is very unpleasant.

    Again we do not say "handjob", we say things like "could you please use your hand".