Saturday, August 6, 2011

Solving Barry's Premature Ejaculation Problem

A couple of posts ago, I shared that since I have been keeping Barry in chastity for longer periods of time, he as been experiencing some premature ejaculation issues.  Since I love a vaginal climax, this has been most frustrating for me.  I'd like to express my appreciation to those who have offered some suggestions, esepcially Harry Haversackers and Anonymous.

Like Harry's wife, giving up on chastity control is not an option.  We tried Ambersol but, like Harry, we found it difficult to figure out the timing of administration and amount to use.  It added another level of frustration, which I couldn't deal with.  We have also begun to explore some sort of penis extension for Barry.  I have found one or two that I am considering purchasing.  "Anonymous" spoke of a unit that would fit on a CB6000 (which we have, but doesn't work well as a chastity device for Barry).  However, we can't seem to find the extension attachment that he talked about.  So, I would be greatly appreciative if "Anonymous" can provide some more specifics.  It sounds like a good solution.

We also discovered another possible solution this past week.  Barry had a birthday, so I decided to remove his chastity device prior to our dinner that night.  I prepared his favorite dish (sirloin tips) and we enjoyed a wonderful relaxed evening before retreating to the bedroom.  When we began our amorous activities, I found that I was able to ride Barry to a wonderful vaginal climax before I began to provide him with his favorite form of stimulation (oral).  Even when we moved into that, he seemed to be able to exhibit significant control.  At this point, I don't know if his success was due to being out of the device for a few hours before we moved into our sexual activity or if two glasses of wine during dinner played some sort of role.  However, we will continue to explore.

I am also still intrigued about finding a penis extension similar to what "Anonymous" described.  As I have previously shared, Barry's penis is on the small side.  However, I have always been very satisfied with it.  He has always pleased me vaginally.  But .... the thoughts of feeling something bigger are intriguing :-).  Perhaps the comments from Susanne at "All Mine" about her lover's Trophy Cock are influencing me.  I don't know.  But it would be nice to see what something bigger feels like, and the only way that will happen is if Barry gets an extension.  Althought I enjoy Susanne's blog, taking a lover is really way outside my comfort zone.


PS  Barry and I are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning for 10 days.  That will give us a good time to explore ways to get him to relax after he is out of chastity, which may help us figure out a way to easily solve the problem.  I will also look forward to hearing more about recommended extensions.


  1. I've tried several creams on my hubby to make him last. Most of them didn't work at all, the one which did work really well was China Brush I use it on him all the time now and would definitely recommend giving it a try if you haven't already. You put it on him an hour before and it will make him last a long time. I put it on my hubby and cum several times, then lock him back up without letting him cum at all.

  2. I've found that a little bit of alcohol makes me last a lot longer while still letting me be very hard. In fact, sometimes it stops me climaxing at all.