Friday, August 19, 2011

Barry's Vacation Spanking

We arrived home Monday night after a wonderful vacation in the Finger Lakes region and Adirondack mountains of New York.  Interestingly, although we live fairly close to New York, we had never spent any time there before.  It was good to have time to get away and just spend time together, without the pressures of work.

We didn't have any specific plans for this trip, so we just moved around as we desired.  The current economy made it possible for us to not need to make reservations, which is really the way we like to travel when we can.

Our last night provided a very unique experience that I never expected.  I enjoyed it much more than Barry, as I will now try to share.  We had originally planned to come home on Sunday, have a day at home on Monday, and then Barry would return to work on Tuesday.  I don't have to go back to wrk in the school system for another week.  However, we spent Sunday afternoon hiking a beautiful trail, so I decided that I would like to spend one more night away before returning.  Early evening, ss we drove through a small NY hamlet after our hike, we stopped at a lovely small Victorian inn/B&B to see if they had any rooms available.  I just couldn't resist it.

When we walked in and asked about availability, the wife of the British couple who run the inn shared that all rooms were available, so she suggested that we go upstairs and take our pick of their five rooms.  At that point, I realized that I was having a very unique opportunity presented to me, which seemed very intriguing.  This was because of what happened earlier in the week and that day. 

During our vacation, Barry reverted to one of his bad habits of ogling waitresses in restaurants we visited.  As you probably know from earlier posts, he can't resist someone in a tight skirt or pants, or someone who likes to expose cleavage.  That habit is one that really bothers me and makes me feel insecure.  Consequently, it has resulted in one of our hard and fast rules:  If he does it, he will be punished.  Twice, early in the week, I observed him ogling.  After the second time, I warned him that the next time would result in a serious punishment spanking. 

On Sunday, when we stopped for lunch at a lovely cafe, he did it again.  We were seated in a way that I was looking out the window over a small lake, and Barry was looking into the restaurant.  Two of the waitresses were quite young and lovely, and were wearing tight skirts and blouses.  As I was trying to enjoy the scenery and talk with Barry, it was apparent that his eyes were following their every movement.  When we got up to leave, I commented to him that he has just earned a very serious spanking when we got home.
I suspect he was relieved when I wanted to spend another night away after our hike.  And I don't think he had a clue what was happening when we stopped by the inn to see if there were rooms available.  However, when I learned that we would be the only people staying in the inn, my mind immediately thought of the possibility of giving Barry his much deserved punishment spanking that night in the inn.  I must also confess that it seemed quite exciting to me!

As we explored the five rooms in the inn, I noticed that none of them had a good spanking chair and that all of the beds were quite high, which is also not conducive to a comfortable spanking position for me.  However, one had a delightful padded bench at the foot of the bed, designed to serve as a luggage rack.  It would be perfect to sit on and take Barry over my lap.  Having selected that room we returned to the first floor to make arrangements with our host.  A few conversational questions helped me learn that she and her husband live alone on the third floor, so I could conclude that they would be the only other people in the inn that night.

When we went into the inn, we were greeted by a lovely woman about my age with a delightful British accent.  She and I immediately made a connection, especially when she commented that we were the first possible guests that night.  She suggested that we take a tour of the available five rooms and let her know which one we would like to choose.

We walked to a nearby restaurant for a light supper.  While we were eating, I shared my plans with Barry.  I did not like the idea of receiving a punishment spanking in the inn.  However, his pleas for a delay until we got home fell on deaf ears.  I was clearly feeling excited about doing it.  When we returned to the inn, I checked the parking lot to make sure there were no other cars of new guests.  Seeing none, I told Barry to get a shower and report to me completely nude.  I also told him to be quick about it.  A short time later, he appeared from the bathroom and, much to my surprise, he was sporting a partial erection.  I told him we were going to have to get rid of that and sent him to the bathroom for our Sonicare toothbrush with his brushing head and the sash from my robe.  After using the sash to bind Barry's hands behind his back, I then used the brush on the head of his penis to quickly bring him to orgasm, but stopping as soon as he started to spurt.  Using the toothbrush in that fashion is a combination of pleasure and pain for him due to the senstivity of his penis head, so it was not a very pleasurable orgasm for him.

After making him clean up his mess, I took him over my lap with his hand still bound.  The bench was long enough to hold his upper torso, so I made sure we were both in a comfortable position before I started the spanking.  Barry knew I had brought my wooden hairbrush, but he didn't realize I had packed the nylon rice paddle that he hates.  I started out with the brush and spanked firmly and uniformly over his entire bottom.  It was not really a warm-up, but it also wasn't full force.  He was squirming and and clearly wanting me to stop before I picked up the rice paddle.  As he asked me to stop and promised to be good, I advised him that I was just getting started.  I was really tired of the repeat performances of bad behaviour in restauants.  When I started with the rice paddle, I increased the force of each spank significantly.  I also worked on one check at a time.  It didn't take long for him to be hollering and begging for me to stop.  I became a little concerned about how much noise he was making and made him get up and bring a pair of my panties from my suitcase, which I rolled up and stuffed in his mouth.  I then proceeded to thoroughly paddle both cheeks and the upper part of this thighs just below his bottom.  By then he was really pleading, albeit it significantly muffled by the panties.  When I finally let him up, it was clear that he was a very contrite husband.

The surprise of this adventure came the next morning when we went downstairs for breakfast.  As our English hostess seated us in the dining room, she nonchalantly commently that she suspects someone will be sitting very gingerly today!  Barry immediately turned crimson and I even felt my cheeks beginning to flush.  Barry was silent, so I expressed an apology for making too much noise last night.  She quickly told me not to think anything about it.  She then turned to Barry and advised him to not be embarrassed and added that her husband also gets spanked on a regular basis when he misbehaves.  She also added that Barry must have been quite naughty based on the severity of what she heard him receiving.

After we finished breakfast, I sent Barry to the room to pack things up.  I then stayed to have a short conversation with our hostess.  I wanted to make sure she wasn't upset with what I had done in the inn.  She was fine with it, since there were not other guests.  It also gave us a chance to compare some notes, which was very interesting, and should probably be left for another post.



  1. Fantastic post, your description was awesome, and we very much enjoyed it. The bad part it gave my wife plenty of ideas.

    We'll be on vacation next month, hope it ends up the same as your and Barry's did.


  2. Ma'am, I really enjoyed reading this account of how you spanked your naughty boy. My aunty Shan punishes me when ever she feels I have been naughty. Thank you so much for sharing this account with your followers.
    Respectfully yours, another naughty boy.

  3. I have been following your blog for a while but thisis my first post. What a great stroy and I cannot wait until you post your conversation with the innkeeper. As someone who has been over my ex knee for a spanking such as described it is no fun. Yet, for some reason, after and before the spanking it really does excite me. I think it really works well for a relationship and I know I am better for it. Thanks so muhc for your posts.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Nice she knew you were doing.


  5. My wife spanked me over her knee in a Mexican hotel and the housekeeper witnessed it as she came in to deliver more towels.

  6. I too am a spanked husband, but my wife prefers to use the cane which she does frequently whenever I've been naughty. We started spanking many years ago, early on in our marriage, at my suggestion. My wife liked the idea and soon became an enthusiastic and skilful spanker.

    She used her hairbrush at first, but when our kids became a bit older she moved to a thin whippy rattan cane because it makes less noise. She has three rattan canes, including a short straight one (about 18 inches long) which we take on holidays because it's easier to conceal in an overnight bag. Her favourite, however, is the crook-handled one which is about 28 inches long.

    She always gives it to me on my bare bottom. She is very thorough, but we both appreciate how it relieves tension, and clears the air wonderfully, for her to give me a good caning.

    I have written about our spanking lifestyle in my Spanked Husband blogs on

  7. OMG! What a hot post!! I was wondering how you found/connected with this inn... just by chance? OMG... I want to stay there now.. lol!