Friday, August 26, 2011

Back into Panties for Barry

Thank you very much for the comments (and suggestions) that have been submitted to my last two posts. I really appreciate the support and suggestions that have been offered. I have also enjoying the fact that Margaret has checked in with me again and she has provided a wealth of insight to me as I continue to move forward.

Last night I took another step in the process of taking complete charge of our relationship. After dinner, while Barry was doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, went into our bedroom to make preparations for when we would get ready for bed. I removed all of his underpants and sleeping shorts from his dresser drawer and dirty clothes hamper and placed them in the wastebasket next to his dresser. I then folded and placed a pair of my panties on top of his dresser, and also placed a baby doll nightie with matching panties on his side of the bed.

I then joined Barry in our family room to watch some TV and read. I eventually suggested that he get ready for bed and I would join him. I didn't wait too long to follow, since I wanted to enjoy his reaction. When I walked in the room, he was going through the underwear and sleepwear that I had placed in the wastebasket. His initial comment was "What is this all about?".    I calmly explained to him that I had decided that he would now wear only panties and that on Saturday, before Hurricane Irene arrives, we would be making a trip to a mall that is about 35 miles from us (where no on would know us) to pick out a selection of panties for his everday and dressup use.  I added that since it arrouses me to see him in panties and lingerie, he will now also wear feminine sleepwear at night ... starting with my babydoll nightgown tonight.

He started to protest, at which time I reminded him that he was currently locked in a chastity device to which I held the key.  I urged him to realize that any argumentative attitude would likely cause him to wait longer for any sexual relief.  I also put on a nylon babydoll, but omitted the panties and suggested that he make sure I was well pleased before he went to sleep.  He complied very nicely with that request and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him orally pleasure me.  When he was done, I couldn't resist using my hands to trace the outline of his chastity device through his panties and tease him.  I started referring to his confined penis as "Herbie", since the shape the outline of his device in his panties made me think of the hood of car in the  Love Bug movie.

This morning, Barry dutifully put on the panties I had placed on his dresser and went off to work.  I love to seem him in panties, especially when he is wearing his device.  They provide a lovely display of his trapped penis and I know that he will be very aware of the fact that he is wearing panties all day long.

Tomorrow will be fun.  I am looking forward to shopping for panties and lingerie with him. 



  1. Susan,

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I've just returned from being away and enjoy reading about you taking control of your marriage. Keep up the good work. I'll be adding your blog to my blog listing!


  2. Thank you Suzanne. Your blog has been an inspiration to me with respect to how you manage to control Sissy and Jay. I must also confess that I am jealous of your Trophy Cock. I'm guessing that it must be very special.

    Also, welcome back. Sissy has done a wonderful job of keeping your blog going, but it will be nice to hear more from you again.