Sunday, August 28, 2011

Panty Shopping

Saturday was a delightful day which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was very anxious to buy Barry is very own collection of panties and nighties. When I had him wearing panties earlier, he mostly wore mine, except for a couple of special things I had purchased for him, such as his punishment panties. However, since he lost weight, they are a bit large for him.

Early in the morning we took care of the necessary preparations for Hurricane Irene, even though it looks like it's impact upon us will be much less than what was earlier predicted. By 10 AM we were ready to head to the mall that is far enough away from us that we don't risk running into anyone who knows us. It also has a Macy's, which is wear I like to buy my lingerie, and a Victoria's Secret. Before we left, Barry almost begged me to allow him to keep some of his jockey shorts, saying that he needs some to wear when he is working around the house and yard on the weekends. I told him not to worry, I will make sure we purchase a couple of pair of cotton briefs that can fulfill his weekend needs.

We went to Macy's first and together we picked out a number of high rise briefs, hipsters, and even a lacy pair of boyshorts (along with a package of assorted pastel colors cotton Jockey hipster panties for weekend wear). We also picked out a short nylon nightgown and a mid-thigh length chemise for which we found a matching panty for sleepwear. Barry was initially quite embarrassed, but eventually got into looking for things, once he realized that no one was paying much attention to us. He was pretending that he was looking for things for me, just to give himself some cover. He would say things like, you would like nice in these, etc. I let him play his little game until it came time to take them to the checkout counter. I handed all of our selections to Barry and told him to go pay for them, as I quickly disappeared (but only far enough away so that I could still watch him).

We then found the Victoria's Secret store where we were immediately greeted a young saleswoman who asked if she could help me. Much to Barry's dismay, I quickly responded that I was looking for something sexy for my husband! She didn't bat an eyelash, but Barry turned crimson. She then showed us a variety of babydolls with matching panties and teddies. I settled on a lovely polyester babydoll with a wide halter strap and a panty which was fairly full in style. We also looked at some garters and garter slips, but I decided to hold off on anything else.

We then had a late lunch before heading home for a fashion show :-).  As I had hoped, each of the panties selected nicely highlighted his cage and also just covred his cute bottom, which is a delightful size since he lost weight.

Saturday is also our normal 'shaving' day for Barry.  We each like for him to be shaved from the waist to upper thigh area.  Since we missed doing it last weekend, he really was in need of cleaning up.  After dinner, I sent him to the shower and I joined him to do the honors.  Barry sometimes shaves himself, but I also really enjoy doing it.  I especially wanted to do the honors this time so that I could appropriately tease and arrouse him.  I initially left him in the chastity device while I shaved everything that was accessible.  I took my time and made sure I paid very special attention to his scrotum, inner thighs and buttocks.  He always finds it arrousing, and this time was no exception.  However, the device definitely inhibited much growth of his penis.  When Barry is flacid his penis shrinks to a very small size.  It grows to about 4 inches when erect, but we had to have a very small cage in order for it to remain in place when he is flacid.  Of course, that means there is very little room for expansion.  I finally told him that I was going to remove the cage so I could shave the shaft of his penis.  When I did so, it didn't take long for it to become fully erect.  That allowed me to carefully shave and tease it.  Given his tendancy to lose control, I made sure I was careful to not cause him to ejaculate.  After I toweled him dry, Barry began to put on the chemise/panty combination I had purchased for him.  However, when he reached for the panty, I reminded him that the cage must go back on.  The look of disappointment on his face was priceless.

When we got into bed, I reminded him that even though he was remaining celibate, I still craved receiving his pleasuring, which he lovingly provided to me.  I had no trouble sleeping thafterwards, but Barry reported that he was awake much of the night.


PS We are now ready to hunker down for the day and ride out what will hopefully be only the remnants of Irene.


  1. Ms. Susan, This is a wonderful post, a wonderful adventure, and a wonderful blog. Thanks so much for sharing about your developing lifestyle. And, I want to share that your story of panty shopping fits my most erotic sexual fantasies. I love to be in the lingerie department surrounded by so many feminine things, as it seems like such a "forbidden" place where men are out of place. I find it to be a wonderful setting to properly humiliate a submissive, and I have had wonderful experiences of shopping and being required to stand in the checkout line holding panties while my wife stood off to the side. A difference is that, as opposed to Barry's hesitation, I often beg to go panty shopping and it is given as a reward or special treat. Thanks for your blog! "nancy"

  2. There is a wonderful book you might enjoy called " the Mistress Manual" by Mistress Lorelei greenery press. It is the polar opposite of many current models of D/S it's full of great ideas esp.concerning sissification. One aspect of your blog (I've read the whole thing -Bravo! ) is that your husband engages in some activities through a sense of anxiety i.e masturbation soon after you give him an orgasm. One interesting idea is supervised masturbation where you can share some of his feelings before during and after. Opposite to the idea of chastity is depletion,whereby he won't be able to masturbate due to nothing being present (having him masturbate or having an orgasm before you have intercourse is also another way to cure quick or premature ejaculation -you may be very interested to learn how many ejaculations he can achieve in 24 hrs, the number will surprise both of you.
    Sissies always seek the path of least humiliation while secretly craving more. With this idea, it is possible to change the quality of his orgasm, instead of the grunting groaning triumph shooting ejaculation, you can actually get him to do things like hold the syllable "ooooh" while he climaxes using the higher register of his voice-males rarely ooooh, usually its quite the opposite, you can also encourage him to "spill" instead of "shoot". It is also possible to get him to have a flaacid ejaculation, simply have him stop masturbating every time he gets erect wait till he gets soft and begin again, eventually he will reach a point where he will ejaculate while flaacid -this is a very emotional experience for a sub male, when orgasm is a surrender instead of a triumphant reward for submission, the submission itself becomes the reward. If you think of his orgasms as submissive experiences then the more orgasms he has this way, actually take him through greater levels of submission.thanks for your blog

  3. Thanks for the blog. It is exciting and real. Having read the story of your evolving relationship it is a remarkable journey. I both hanker after the level of submission your husband shows to your control and am in trepidation of it...

  4. Dear Susan:
    Your story sounds like a reliving of mine. I have aj in panties all of the time and female sox. When he goes to the doctor that is what he wears. Sometimes I put him in pantyhose and others he will wear a garter belt and stockings. He has gone to work in these and I do not care if others know who runs this house hold! We do not have any male sox or underpants in this house! Regarding staring at other women, aj knows that once alone even in the parking lot or on the way home I may have him pull over and come to my side of the car for an education session on his seat. You should carry a good small brush at all times.

  5. Ms. Susan- great post! Hope you are all okay from Irene, as you said in recent post....
    Nothing like shopping for panties at the mall! Have only done it with wife once but, I've bought for myself too.
    Very exciting...and love the shaving too. Poor barry was awake all night? I believe it!

  6. I want to add that barry wanting cotton pants for yard work is a "crock"! They get all soggy, heavy and miserable... sexy nylon panties are MUCH better for yard work!
    I'd call him on this one. :)

  7. Sorry "WEAVE" but cotton panties are the way to go for outside yard work in the heat of summer.They keep the pkg cool and well supported.Susan; what a wonderful blog you are writing. Seems like a lot of people are following ur developing FLR with Barry.

  8. I keep hubby in sexy panties all of the time now, though I must take him out shopping for some more soon. Not that he's running out - but it's just a fun thing to do and it's always nice to have him in more sexy things.

    Nice idea about sexy nighties though, he hasn't got any yet so that will definitely be added to his shopping list! ;)

  9. Hi Ms Susan
    I love your blog for your openness and realness too. It's also stimulating to read about your evolving relationship. I gave the address to my wife to read today. I am locked in a chastity device 24x7. I think because of my good behaviour recently she rewarded me with a pair of her lacy panties to wear tomorrow on top of the cage.This is a first for us which might not have happened had we not had your blog as a bridge for communication. I am thrilled. They feel arousing to wear. I wonder if she will ask me to wear panties full time. I like the idea of giving up my male underwear as a symbol of my submission to her. Thanks again for your blog and sharing your experience.