Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Follow-up with Carol and Helen

Based on their comments at the end of Sunday evening, and a phone call I had with each of them on Monday morning, it is apparent that Carol and Helen thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  Helen acknowledged that she was a little apprehensive when she arrived and during our dessert conversation.  However, the non-disciplinary spanking she helped administer to Barry seemed to really help break the ice.  She loved being able to spank Barry at that level of intensity and see the impact it had on him.  She was later amazed at how much Barry seemed to enjoy what I did do him and how excited it made him.  And she expressed her appreciation to me for letting her be just an observer during those activities.  She admitted that she probably would not have been comfortable doing what Carol did.
On the other hand, Carol loved being involved.  She offered that she found it very exciting, and even arousing, to see how much Barry loved being anally taken by me.  She was especially amazed at how actively and purposely Barry sucked her strapon ... both times.  She loved seeing that reaction, especially when he was groping her behind as he pulled her closer to him to better work on the strapon.   She volunteered that she would have loved to have been even more involved than what she was, but that she understands that I probably don't want to open that door.

 I was glad that she wasn't upset by Barry's groping and I again suggested that she should give him a sound spanking for being so fresh with her.  She agreed that it would be very appropriate and that she would be happy to teach him a lesson.  At the moment we are thinking of having her drop by sometime Saturday afternoon, at which time the spanking will be administered.  In the meantime, which are each giving some thought as to how to make it a very embarrassing event for Barry.



  1. He obviously has to put on his sissy gurl outfit, and based on the infraction I would think something like a minimum of 100 strokes with a doubled over belt would be in order. Personally, when I am punished by my wife, it is always a minimum of 200 strokes with our doubled over punishment strap while I am wearing my sissy clothes (panties, hose/tights, slip and dress)!

  2. Anything less and (although he will tell you he is learning his lesson) he will not unless it is severe. My wife also occasionally uses a large paddle, switch, or fly swatter on me as well. The first 100 are usually with the dress pulled up but slip, panties and pantyhose on. 150-180 are with the slip pulled up and 180 and beyond with my pantyhose/tights and panties pulled down so she can not only get my ass but also the back of my thighs (with very hard swings) which I also hate. Also try making him lye across the bed with his feet off the edge and cane/belt him on the bottom of his feet - trust me from experience it really hurts and teaches any sissy a lesson!

  3. Hi Susan,

    Barry certainly deserves punishment for what he did to Carol. He was way out of bounds. I don't know if you have already delegated your authority to Carol to discipline Barry or this would be the first time. Just be careful with that because it's not easy to put the genie back in the bottle once you have gone that direction. It might be just as effective for you if you spanked Barry yourself in front of Carol making him acknowledge his bad behavior, making it clear with your lecture why he is being spanked and make him look her in the eye while you are warming his bum, finishing off with a long stint in the corner with his punished bottom on display. If you do allow Carol to punish him make it clear she is acting on your authority even though he is being punished for offenses against her

  4. I have so enjoyed reading your telling of the events of Sunday evening and now the follow up just adds to it. Because of your caring and thoughtfulness you succeeded in pulling off an exciting time for all concerned. So sweet to share it. Penney