Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Barry's Turn - Pegged with Witnesses

Susan has suggested (directed) that I personally share my thoughts about what happened Sunday evening rather than having her to share them for me.  As I have previously shared, this is not a very easy thing for me to do, but I will do my best.

I guess I should begin with my thoughts about being pegged.  It is difficult for me to explain why I am so drawn by this activity.  I guess it is because it makes me feel completely vulnerable and submissive to Susan.  After all, I don't think I could feel anymore exposed and vulnerable than when my butt is in the air and Susan is sliding her dildo into it.  That coupled with the sexual arousal I feel while being penetrated puts me at a very special "place".

So, pegging is something that really turns me on, which is why I have asked Susan to do it.  And it is why I agreed to have her sister and friend witness the event.  It was the only way she would do this to me.  I had serious doubts about whether it would be a good decision before Sunday.  However, after the evening ended, I was very glad that I took the chance.

Having Carol and Helen spank me before the pegging was extremely helpful.  I love to be spanked and that felt like a very safe way to get them involved in the evening.  I also loved the way they teased me while spanking me at a very comfortable level.

The only time I felt any concern that night was when Carol stood up and revealed that she had a strapon under her dress.  My immediate fear was that Susan would let Carol peg me what was obviously a much bigger dildo than I had ever taken.  However, my fears were reduced when I realized that I would hopefully only be required to suck on it.  That actually excited me.  Once I started, the complete submissiveness of having Susan penetrating my ass while I was sucking Carol's strapon put me in complete subspace.  I suspect that is why I ended up grabbing Carol's ass so forcefully (I don't really remember doing it).

I was also in a very wonderful place during the final portion of the evening, when I had a strapon in each end while Susan brought me to a forceful climax.  I also don't really remember (although Susan has assured me  that it happened) licking my juice off Carol's strapon.

I'm not sure if this helps explain why I feel the way I do.  However, I hope it conveys what a wonderful experience I enjoyed Sunday evening.  I fully realize that I am an extremely lucky man to have Susan as my wonderful.  Our relationship is something that I could never have dreamed of four or five years ago.  She is a gift to me and I love her deeply ... such that I will do anything for her.



  1. Barry first let me thank you for posting your feelings. as I pegged husband I know what you are talking about with the head space and total submission. We have never had witness' as R does not want any but if she did I would agree to it. For me everything about pegging it a total turn on. Getting ready to be pegged assuming a position she desires spreading my cheeks giving her access and the first feeling of her "cock" against my hole and the gentle pressure as she begins to enter me and the feeling of my bottom stretching to accept her is fantastic. I could go on and on but you know what I'm talking about. I did comment on the first part of the story and added something that might put you deeper into submission I'm sure you heard about it. If you will please post your feeling on what I suggested.

  2. Barry, you are such a very fortunate submissive. Many of us have such a fantasy and would love to be shared as you have been. I've followed your evening of spanking and pegging with much interest, and now your thoughts enhance that experience for me. Thank you, Penney

  3. Barry, I was the one that posted about types of punishments Julie should consider using on you. Ironically, a few nights ago my wife and I got into a fight and I made 2 major mistakes - 1. Being disrespectful by calling her names and 2. doing it in front of the kids. My wife and I have an agreement/system whereby if she feels I need to be punished she can do it anytime and I must comply and when I feel I am out of bounds, I need to self report my infractions to her. In cases that I don't and she has to call me out, the punishment is much more severe. Well, knowing I was wrong I apologized the next morning and told her how wrong I was and felt I needed to be punished severely for my actions. She told me that she needed to think about how sever my punishment should be and that night she stated it would be a minimum of 220 strokes at which I told her I didn't think it was severe enough based on my name calling. We agreed on a minimum of 250 strokes (combined between a doubled over belt (prime punishment object) large paddle, fly swatter and 2 switches I am required to cut fresh. I asked her last night to promise my punishment would be severe (to the point that I literally break down and cry for my misdeeds) and she stated "don't worry, I plan on making your punishment very severe to the point you will be crying" at which point I thanked her. The punishment will take place on Monday morning, and I will fill you in after it takes place.

    Why do I bring this up - because one of the hardest things to do is self report. I read your story the other day in which you grabbed one of the participants backsides. You said you did it unintentionally, however you should just admit to Julie that you were in full "I want a huge dildo in my mouth because I'm a slut mode"! What you did was very disrespectful to your master, and I can tell you if I did that with mine I would not be able to sit for a week without being in severe pain!

    You should immediately apologize to her for your misdeed and being disrespectful by touching another woman, and whatever punishment they deem fit you should ask them to double it as a sign of your place in your relationship with Julie. It is probably not a good idea for the other woman to administer the punishment either as Julie was the real one you disrespected by your actions. While you would no doubt be in severe pain, you will feel better by asking Julie to punish you severely for your infraction. You, like me are nothing more than a little subordinate sissy that needs to be put in "her" place. If Julie is smart, she will first make you relieve and clean up after yourself (so you don't enjoy the punishment)and then strap you to the point your backside is raw to teach you what her place and yours is in the relationship.

  4. A follow-up to my punishment. Over the weekend, I was disrespectful again, and we decided that another 250 strokes were in order (but she was very fair and stated it would be broken up into two punishments with 250 strokes each). As I said above, the original was supposed to take place on Monday, but since my wife was busy it didn't take place until Tuesday.

    As I write this, I still have that sore feeling where my upper thighs meet the bottom part of my butt. For the first installment, I was directed (as usual) to put on my punishment outfit (panties, pantyhose/tights, slip and dress) and lay the punishment instruments out on her dresser. They consisted of her punishment strap (a thick heavy gage belt that was purchased years ago for the sole purpose of punishments), a large wooden paddle (the kind you play on the beach with - think rally ball), a pink flyswatter that she loves to use on my thighs and 2 large switches that I was required to cut (they are switches only in name as they are thicker than most canes and deliver the most intense pain)!

    I had to pick between pantyhose and tights, knowing that as part of my punishment I would have to wear my panties and hose under my pants for the remainder of the day as a reminder! It was a warm day in the Northeast, so I had to decide between a little less protection with hose but being cooler later on or thicker tights but being very hot all day. I ended up choosing a medium weight hose!

    As usual, she put on tights under her shorts for the punishment as she knows I love to see her in hose/tights! We started (as always) with me standing in front of her and her telling me why I was going to be punished. Then, (as always) I was required to kiss her feet as a sign that I know my place in our relationship!

    I was then ordered to lye across the bed with a pillow underneath my mid-section to raise my backside in the air! Her first comment was, I think I'm gonna start with the switch today and she proceeded to deliver 20 hard strokes. Then came the belt, paddle, fly swatter, back to the cane and finally the belt again. I have to say she never swung the punishment instruments as hard as she did on Tuesday morning (she told me later on she was PMSing and thoroughly enjoyed punishing me severely)!

    When the punishment was done, I was required to thank her for my harsh beating and I was told I could wear shorts until the kids were coming home from school but then (for obvious reasons) would have to put pants on over my hose!

    About 2 hours later, I told her I was getting really hot in the hose and asked if I could take them off. She stated I could in exchange for another switching to take the place of me having to wear the hose in the hot weather and I agreed (big mistake on my part). I was order to bring a switch down stairs to her, pull down my shorts lean over the back of one of our dining room chairs and grab on to the seat. She proceeded to switch/cane me 25 times swinging at about 75% of capacity (for anyone having had to take the cane, you know that 25-50% swings do the job)! I literally jumped/danced and howled after every hard stroke, and at one point she laughed and she said to me "is my little sissy gurl going to start crying"! I didn't, but must admit that it was the most severe pain I have ever felt from a punishment! She asked me to pull down my hose/panties so she could admire her work, and stated that I had around 15 raised welt lines across my backside and the tops of my thighs at which she stated "nice, I am really pleased with my work!

    Today, 2 days later the uncomfortable feeling is just starting to go away - just in time for part 2 of my punishment tomorrow morning! I was told that if I want a reprieve from wearing the hose under my pants tomorrow after the punishment (I love wearing hose but it is still supposed to be warm here again tomorrow) that the price would now be 50 extra strokes with the heavy switch!

    Stay tuned!