Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carol Punishes Barry

While Barry and I were eating lunch on Saturday, I shared with him that my sister Carol would be stopping by during the afternoon.  I also let him know that I have given her full authority to punish him in whatever way she feels is appropriate for his groping of her ass last Sunday.  I strongly suggested that he offer her a heartfelt apology when she arrives and then accept however she decides to respond.

Carol arrived around 2 PM.  Barry was in his office working on our tax return, so I fixed tea for Carol and me.  I also let Barry know that Carol had arrived.  He indicated that he would be out shortly.  While we were waiting for Barry, I asked Carol if she had decided how she would punish Barry.  She indicated that she had and asked if it would be OK for her to remove Barry's chastity device.  She also shared that she planned to make Barry feel very vulnerable and to make sure he had a very sore bottom at the end.  She also asked if she have access to our collection of spanking implements and toys.  I  took her to our bedroom where she picked out several items and I gave her the key to Barry's cage.  When we returned to the living room, Carol placed the items in a large canvas tote bag that she had with her.

Well, it was almost 3 PM before Barry appeared!  That was probably not a good decision on his part.  It was also not a good decision to offer a terse apology with the excuse that he didn't realize what he was doing.  I could tell that Carol was not very pleased with Barry's response and I could almost see her mood harden.  She asked Barry if he understood that I have given her permission to punish him in whatever way she desires.  When Barry acknowledged that he did, I suggested that we retire to our family room.

When we entered the room, Carol grabbed Barry by his left ear and led him to a corner.  She directed him to wait there and to consider why he was going to be punished while she prepared a few things.  She then took some items out of her tote bag and placed them on a side table.  However, she seemed to purposely leave some items in the bag.

When she was done, Carol sat down on the hassock in our family room and directed Barry to come to her.  While he stood in front of her, she carried on a lengthy conversation with him concerning why he was being punished.  During this time she made him admit that took very inappropriate liberties with her as he groped and played with her ass.  She also made it clear that she was now going to take liberties with him.  After unbuckling his belt and lowering his trousers, she directed him to remove his shirt.  She then helped him step out of the trousers, leaving him standing in front of her dressed in only his panties.  I was impressed with how she took her time and let her hands wander about his groin and ass, while teasing him about the chastity cage he was wearing.  She played with it and his testicles through his panties while she continually asked him questions about why he was in a cage.  She didn't stop until he admitted that he has been addicted to porn and masturbation and that this is the only way that I (Susan) can assure that he will be fully devoted to pleasing her.  I have to confess that she was really quite amazing in her understanding of our situation.

Then, she slowly lowered his panties ... and produced the key to the lock on his cage.  It was very clear that Barry got very nervous as she unlocked it, and talked with him as she removed it, explaining  that I had given her permission to punish him in any way she deemed appropriate.

Carol also took advantage of Barry being very erect when she removed his cage.  She quickly began teasing him about why he was aroused.  He had no good answer to her questions.  Now being completely naked, Barry was completely exposed to however she wanted to touch him ... which she did!  While doing so, she made it clear that she was only doing to him what he had done to her.

She then told Barry that there would be two parts to his punishment.  The first would address his inability to control his hands.  The second would address his attitude last Sunday evening that he owned her ass, or at least felt he could do whatever he wanted with respect to fondling it.

"Let's deal your inability to control your own hands first", she said.  Standing up, she directed Barry to hold his right hand out in front of his waist, palm up.  She then went to the side table and retrieved our ash ruler paddle.  She advised Barry that each hand was going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on its palm.  After telling him to hold his hand perfectly still, she delivered the first stroke.  It was obvious by his reaction that it really hurt.  After slowly delivering ten strokes to the right hand,she repeated the process for his left hand.  As she finished, she commented to him that hopefully in the future he will think more carefully about how he uses his hands.

Carol then retrieved our set of wrist cuffs from the side table and bound Barry's wrists together in front of him ... telling him she plans to make sure he keeps them under control for the next part of his punishment.  After sitting on the hassock again, Carol made Barry stand in front of her while she teased him about getting aroused in front of her.  She then informed him that the next part of his punishment would deal with the fact that he acted like he could touch her in any way he wanted last Sunday night, as if he owned her ass.  She explained that tonight she was going to own his ass.  She then looked over at me and told me not to worry ... she didn't plan to peg Barry.  "That would be too easy and he would enjoy it too much", she explained.  She then took him over her lap and made him spread his legs, which left his ass and genitals completely exposed and vulnerable to her.  She emphasized that fact my toying with his ass, as well as his scrotum penis.  She even gave the head of his penis a few playful swats to emphasize just how vulnerable he was.

She then asked me to bring her the hairbrush from the side table and immediately put it to work.  I was impressed with the methodical way she firmly spanked Barry's bottom  She started on his right cheek and repeatedly spanked it with the brush until it was bright red.  She then moved to his left cheek and repeated the process.  At that point she stopped to massage and fondle and massage his bottom, reminding him how he had done that to her.  However, she also let her fingers drift and tease his anus and his scrotum.  She then used her left hand to hold his right cheek away from his cleft ... and worked on that inner area with the brush until it was also bright red.  No surprise that she then did the save with his left cheek.  She was going to leave no area untouched!  After more massaging and teasing, she turned her attention to the lower slope of his bottom, just above his thighs.  She did all of this very methodically.  It was not a beating, but the results were very impressive.

When she was satisfied, Carol reached into her tote bag again and produced a Fleet Enema bottle.  Barry couldn't see it, but he was obvious that he knew what it was when he felt the tip being inserted.  After emptying its contents into his rectum, Carol then went back to her tote and pulled out the penis shaped butt plug that she had taken from our toys.  It is not very long, but it has great girth.  After lubing it well, in it went.  And, then Carol went back to the methodical spanking routine.

After about ten minutes (I'm guessing here), she directed him to go to the bathroom and empty his bowels.  Barry looked at her and said he didn't know how to get the plug out, since his hands were still bound.  Carol quickly replied something like "Oh Dear, I guess you're going to need some help.  I'll be happy to do that."  The two of them then went into the bathroom and Carol left the door open, so I decided to watch.  It was interesting to observe Barry's reaction to having Carol remove the plug as he kept his bottom just above the toilet.  When he was done, it was also interesting to see his reaction to having Carol clean up his bottom.

I disappeared before she was done, so Barry wouldn't necessarily know that I had been watching (although I later shared that fact with him).  When they came back into the family room, Carol placed a towel on our sofa and directed Barry to kneel on it with his legs spread and to place his hands on the back of the sofa.  She then retrieved an exam glove for her bag, put it on, and lubed it well.  I could tell by his body action that Barry knew what was coming next.  Carol proceeded to insert her first two fingers into Barry's bum hole.  As she moved them around a smile came over her face as she found his prostate.  She proceeded to massage it and, after about 10 minutes, her efforts produced results.  Barry groaned and whimpered as some juice started to flow from his penis.  During the entire process she was teasing Barry about how much she was enjoying playing with HIS ass.

Carol then took Barry back over her lap and again went into her tote bag.  Much to my surprise, she produced a tube of IceyHot gel; and proceeded to rub a bit of it into the entire reddened area of Barry's bottom and upper thighs. As she did this, she shared with Barry that she wanted him to remember this spanking a bit longer.  She also rubbed some of it onto his scrotum and the shaft of his penis, and re-inserted the butt plug (but with no IceyHot).

She then again returned to the tote bag and produced a panty girdle, which I later learned was one of hers.  Un-cuffing Barry's wrists, she directed him to put on the girdle.  She told him that she suspects that it might be a little small for him, but that was all the better...because she wanted it to help hold in the heat of his spanking and the feeling of the IceyHot.  It was a bit small and Barry had to work hard to get it on.  It was obviously going to be tight and constricting.  I also have to admit that I was quite intrigued about this phase of his punishment.  When he finally got it on, Carol turned to me and said that Barry is not to remove it until the morning.  She added that she doesn't care if he claims he needs to go to the bathroom.  He just had a bowel movement and he urinated.  He can control how much fluid he takes in tonight ... so that should not be an issue.

It seemed like the punishment was now done.  However, it was now a bit after 5 PM.  So, I suggested that Carol stay for dinner.  I explained that I had a pot of stew ready for an informal dinner.  Barry looked at me as if I was crazy.  However, I thought this would be a good time to debrief a bit.


While we ate dinner, we discussed a bit about what had happened. I won't go into that right now, but it was an interesting conversation on the part of both Carol and Barry.  As dinner ended and Carol began to make plans to leave, she began gathering her things. As almost an afterthought, she turned to Barry and said that she wanted to leave him a final impression.  After dropping his trousers, she directed him to bend over the end of the table.  She then proceeded to use the ash ruler paddle over his panty girdle.  Each stroke was applied very firmly as she worked her way from the middle of his bottom to the top of his thighs; and then worked her way back up.  Even through the girdle, it was clear that Barry was feeling this last paddling.  She then pulled his girdle down, applied some more IceyHot and replaced it.  As she left she shared with Barry that she hopes he thinks about her a lot this evening.



  1. Wow, that was some punishment Carol devised. The enema was certainly an imaginative twist. Kudos to Carol, that had to be as complete an embarrassment for Barry as imaginable. The image of Carol cleaning his bottom after just gives me chills. Haha... Nothing like having to answer to two Mistresses. I have a feeling Barry has learned his lesson, several times over.

  2. Man, oh man!!! I can hardly wait to hear his side of the story!!!

  3. Having completed reading the 2016 blogs, the following is offered for consideration:

    A few drops of jalapeno pepper juice in the glass used to catch and hold the semen that is consumed before spanking. Also a few drops on the tip of a dildo offered for sucking.

    Wearing high heels before, during and after the discipline.

    Kneeling against a wall holding a coin against the wall with the nose. Change the coin from a dime to a nickel to a quarter to a half dollar to a silver dollar every five minutes and spread the knees apart another four inches at each coin change. Dropped coin means a repeat discipline session.

    Wearing a girdle before, during and after. A long-leg, extra firm control, high waist panty girdle will contain the heat and sting of the spanking for quite a while. Wearing a long line bra stuffed with baseballs to increase embarrassment and humiliation during the session. And while performing ordinary household chores or disciplinary assignments such as scrubbing baseboards.

    Requiring a hand-written report of the failure to comport oneself properly that led to the session, the session itself, the aftermath, lesson(s) learned, and a firm commitment to accept the consequences of any future failures.

    Develop submissive rituals for expressing thanks for taking the time and expending the effort to take notice of and control misbehavior. (suitably dressed, of course.)