Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Acquired Tastes: Being Submissive

It seems like ages since our Christmas get-a-way.  The flu was a huge part of that.  We were each sick at the same time and it was not fun.  We finally were able to recover and begin to resume a normal life.  And, last night we resumed "activities".  From what happened, I realize it is now time for me to share another "Acquired Taste".  Based upon our Christmas Eve activities, I knew it was only a matter of time, but I wasn't ready to share based upon one experience.

Last evening, after dinner, I shared with Barry that I was ready to take a hot shower and relax.  He encouraged me to do so and said that he would take care of cleaning up from our dinner.  Shortly after I entered the shower, Barry appeared in the bathroom and asked if he could join me in the shower.  That was exactly what I had hoped for.  But, I never expected the evening to develop as it did.

Barry entered our shower stall with me, with the blindfold I had given him at Christmas.  He quickly put it do use, with no resistance from me. He then whispered into my ear that he hoped I could relax and let things flow.  I have to confess that I felt readiness to do that.

I quickly found myself having my hands secured in the wrist cuffs that are secured to the shower walls with suction cups.  These are toys that I normally use for Barry when I shave him or tease him in the shower.  He had me secured facing the shower wall.  I was a bit nervous, but he quickly shared with me that I can "Say No" at any time and he will honor my request.  He proceeded to use the handheld shower to cleanse and tease me.  By rubbing against me, he also made it obvious that he was extremely aroused.

He eventually left the shower and returned.  At that point, he started to insert a Fleet enema in my bottom.  I started to protest.  He again reminded me to relax and said that I can always "Say No" later.  I did relax. After Christmas eve, I trusted him fully.  We eventually left the shower and he helped me to the toilet.  Enough said.  He then let me to the bedroom, still blindfolded.

In the bedroom, I ended up being positioned over the Liberator ramp which was placed at the bottom of our bed.  My hips were raised and my legs were spread and secured.  My hands were also secured in front of me.  It was only later, as I felt Barry's tongue down below, did I realize how completely vulnerable I was.

During all of this, Barry was so gentle that I never felt concerned.  I never thought of saying "No" or "Stop".   The details are not important at this time.  What is important is that I felt safe and comfortable.  I felt Barry's tongue in places I never expected.  I also felt him spanking me in a kind and gentle way.  It was exquisite.  The spanking was all over my bottom and thighs ... and sometimes on my privates.  But it was always in a way that aroused me.

I eventually felt something being inserted in my bottom.  I started to say "No".  However, it was so gentle that I didn't.  At first I thought it was Barry, but then it began to vibrate.  After that, I'm not sure what happened, but it was clear when Barry entered my vagina with his penis.  He slowly worked himself in and out, clearing hitting my magic spot.  As he proceeded, we each eventually achieved a climax, the order of which, I'm not really sure.  It didn't matter at that point.

Barry has clearly tuned in to my submissive side.  I didn't even know I have this need or desire.  Some may wonder how this fits into our 'Devotional Sex' side.  All I can offer at this time is that I knew I was in control and could say "no" at any time.  I didn't want to do so.

This does not mean I want to give up my dominate side.  I clearly don't want to do so.  And, Barry's submissive nature is still very apparent.  However, it is clear that we will continue to work on meeting each of our needs.  We each seem to enjoy being dominant and submissive.

Who would have thought this possible ...



  1. A fantastic evening. Role switching can be very exciting.

  2. Very sexy story Susan. Your posts are always so sexy and intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

    It's not at all uncommon for Dominant's to want to enjoy the unmitigated joys of submission from time to time. There are times when Mistress K. wants to be "taken" to a lustful place by force. When we do that, there is never any doubt who is ultimately in charge. I am merely playing the role of her dominating lover.