Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here

Barry and I are still glowing in the after thoughts of our special time away.  I think it is fair to say that it was as much and more than each of us had expected.  There many special moments and a number of surprises for each of us.  We've had numerous conversations, starting with during our four hour drive home.  We began with questions like "What was your favorite gift received?" and "What did you like best?" and "What surprised you the most?".  Since then, we have progressed to things like "What do you want to make sure we keep doing?" and "What do you not want to do again?".  We are now at the stage of "Where do we go from here?".

It quickly became clear to each of us that we each pushed the envelope a bit with our gifts to each other, and we each loved what the other did.  There was really nothing done by either of us that was not appreciated by the other.  It also quickly became clear to each of us that we are ready to move forward and create more exciting times with each other. So, we began to attempt to prioritize a bit about where to start.   We don't want to overthink or overplan, but we need someplace to start that is meaningful to each of us.  So, we began to talk about "What the two most meaningful things that happened during our time together?".

Barry's two answers were:

  • Christmas Eve when I became completely submissive to him; and
  • Getting spanked again, especially in a non-disciplinary way (spanking has really fallen by the wayside during the past several months).
My two answers were:

  • Realizing how much I love to play with Barry's penis and testicles; and
  • Realizing that I loved what he did to me when I became submissive (that was a huge surprise to both of us).
So, the first things we're going to work on is bringing back spanking for non-disciplinary manner and finding more time for me to explore my love of his genitals.  We need to talk a little more about my submissiveness and how to incorporate it within our Devotional Sex lifestyle.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I've begun to think in terms of "As the Princess, I make decisions about what will happen next ... and that decision could be to give the reigns to Barry once in a while.".    The more I think about it, the more comfortable I get, especially, since Barry established a huge level of confidence for me that he will do the right thing.

So, spanking and genitals!  Why was I not surprised when Barry asked me to watch this Fm Spanking Video yesterday.  I apologize for it being a bit lengthy.  However, if you watch it, I think it will become clear why Barry recommended it.

To make a long story short, last night I gave Barry a spanking similar to what is depicted in the video and we are now also exploring other positions in which I can spank him that gives me lots of view and access to his genitals.  We each loved what happened.

It is quickly  becoming clear to each of us that we are ready to grow more and that we have many common interests.  A few years ago, I would have never imagined that this is where our journey would lead us.  I'm still a bit shocked in many ways.  "What would my mother say?" :-)


PS - Thanks to Barry's encouragement and his tech ability, I have returned to trying to include photographs (and today, a video) in my posts.  He provided that input early in my blog, but got a bit tired of doing it for me.  He suggested that I go back to including things of interest.  And, this time he is working to teach me how to do.  However, the past few posts were mostly all of his work.

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  1. Susan Ma'am that is an excellent spanking video. My Mistress (R) also loves to spank between my cheeks but she tells me to spread them for her. and instead of hurting her hand spanking me the hand is a short warm up then the wooden spoon comes into play. No I'm not suggesting the spoon be used to spank his penis. There are also many positions Mistress will put me in that spreads my cheeks for her.