Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Getting Back to Normal

While we dealt with health issues, Barry and I got into a low time with respect to being responsive and caring for each other. It has not been a good time.  With my re-awakening, I realized what had been so good in our past few years and decided that, if I wanted to have that life again, I had to take action.

Barry recently helped me take that action.  Sunday afternoon, I went grocery shopping about the time that the Patriots/Denver game started.  Having lived in New England for many years, Barry is still an avid Patriots fan. 

When I arrived home, I unloaded the car and took care of all of the groceries.  Barry normally helps me, but I didn't think anything about it, because I assumed that he was engrossed in the game. However, when I went to look for him, he was not in front of the TV.  Instead, he was in his office and engrossed by his PC ... and his focus was spanking porn.

I quickly decided that I needed to take this opportunity to make some changes.  It was clear in my mind that we both needed that to get out of our current funk.  So, I grabbed Barry by the ear and led him into our bedroom!  The look of shock on his face was priceless.  Once in the bedroom, I directed him to strip down to his underpants and to then stand in the corner until I returned.

I then left the room to retrieve a straight chair from our dining room and to fix myself a cup of tea to help me gather my thoughts.  After about ten minutes I returned with the chair and got out our collection of spanking implements and placed them on the bed.  I then seated myself on the dining room chair in the middle of the room and directed Barry to come to me. Making him stand in front of me, I then scolded him about his lack of courtesy and helpfulness to me.  While doing so, I couldn't help but smile at the fact that he had a firm erection (something which doesn't occur all that often due to his ED).  After making him bring me a hairbrush, I slowly lowered his jockey shorts (During our low time, Barry stopped wearing panties and stopped keeping himself smooth shaven down there).  I commented about how excited he appeared and questioned how long he thought that would last once I started his spanking.

I then took him over my lap, taking care to make sure his erect penis was trapped between my thighs where I could monitor its condition.  After a moderately severe spanking (I purposely went easy on him due to the length of time it has been since I have spanked him and because I wanted to see if he could maintain his erection),  I stopped and made him stand up.  To my surprise and pleasure, he was still sporting a very firm member.  I couldn't help but joke with him about one of his father's crude old age adages about "never wasting an erection".  I also suggested that we honor that sage advice.  Teasing him with my hands I led him to the bed and had him lie on his back.  I then straddled and mounted him, and proceeded to ride him to an orgasm (for him, not me).  He was absolutely thrilled, because it had been quite some time since he has been able to achieve that type of feat.  He also responded appropriately by getting into position to please me orally, which we have also not done in several months.

Afterwards, while lying in each others arms, I suggested that we rekindle our interest in Devotional Sex and our FLR.  Barry quickly agreed and asked if I would help him shave later that evening.  By Monday morning, not only was Barry nice and smooth from his waist to mid thigh, but he was also back to wearing panties and sporting his chastity cage as a sign of devotion to me.

I'm very optimistic that things will be improving in the coming days.



  1. How great that you were both able to rekindle your femdom marriage. I am sure that many couples have highs and lows. But it is getting it started again that matters. My wife sometimes gets involved in some other things in her life and becomes less dominant. But that is only temporary and does not last long. She always keeps me in panties 24/7, but she will not be as strict to have me wear our chastity device all of the time.

  2. So great to have you both back Susan. Congratulations on seizing back control and taking matters into your own hand. Can't wait to hear more about your (now) continuing story.


  3. What a great positive turn of events. Sounds like Barry was missing your previous lifestyle and craving a return to spanking.
    Yes, it does take effort, usually by the wife, but well worth it for the good of the relationship.
    Spanked, shaved and pantied makes a happy hubby!
    I am so happy that you are back on track and look forward to hearing more about how things go.