Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching Up

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a month since I last blogged.  The holidays took their toll on both Barry and me.  It seemed like we had company for an eternity between our children being home and hosting extended family for Christmas (which is a family tradition for us).  Barry's parent's were here for almost two weeks and his sister and partner also spent several nights.  Once we had the house back to ourselves, we took time to savor our privacy.

However, it now seems like I should do some 'catching up'.

Feedback on New Toys

After posting about receiving the Spanking Buddy and the RealDoe, a couple of you asked for feedback about them.  The Spanking Buddy is definitely a keeper.  I love it, and Barry seems to also enjoy its impact on his bottom.  We each love it when I provide Barry with a very prolonged over-the-knee handspanking, especially if it is not for punishment, but is still one that leaves him with a very red and sore bottom.  The Spanking Buddy makes that possible.  It is definitely not comparable to using a bathbrush or paddle for serious punishment.  However, it provides a much better spank than my hand and it allows me to spank for a very long time.

The RealDoe was less impressive.  I like the way it feels in me (especially with the built-in vibrator) and I have no problem keeping it in place.  I also like its larger size compared to the strap-on I have been using.  The RealDoe provides at least 7" of insertion and the strap-on was purposely purchased to be singificant smaller in order to approximately the size of Barry, but it now seems like we are ready to move to a larger model.  The biggest draw back of the RealDoe is its rigidness and the fact that it is difficult to change the angle of insertion.  That makes taking Barry in certain positions quite difficult and uncomfortable for both of us.  I love to take him while he is lying on his back with his hips at the edge of the bed.  It allows me to watch his face to to use my hands to tease him.  However, that position is almost impossible with the RealDoe.  I also sort of miss the fact that it doesn't have any testicles.  It just seems funny when I look at myself in the mirror.  So, I'm now about ready to order a larger model of my current strap-on.  I will keep you posted.

New Year's Resolution

During the past couple of months, Barry and I have seemed to be in a rut and have not felt the same level of excitement we have previously enjoyed.  Consequently, my resolution was to find ways to bring new ways of playing and enthusiasm to our life style.  I have already started to liven things up a little bit with some mind fucks I've played on Barry.  He seems to enjoy them, so I will continue to explore this area.  I'll share more detail about this in my next post, but I had some fun with Barry while we were in a restaurant not too close to home where we didn't have to worry about seeing anyone we know.  I'd also love to hear mind fuck ideas that others have used or experienced, since this seems like a fun way to keep things lively.

I would also love to have a portable spanking bench similar to what Deirdre uses over at Spanking My Husband.  I love the way it exposes her husband's penis for teasing and monitoring during a spanking session. However, so far, I've not been able to find a source for a bench like this that could be folded up and easily put out of sight.

Barry's Sister

As I mentioned earlier, Barry's sister Carol and her partner spent a couple of nights at our home over the holidays, which they always do.  I was a bit nervous about how things would go, especially since Barry' parents were also here.  However, things were OK.  I could sense some tension on Barry's part when she first arrived, but within a few hours the two of them were bantering back and forth like everything was perfectly fine.  Hopefully that will continue when just the four of us get together the next time.  I really love her and her partner dearly and would like us to be able to continue a strong relationship.

Shaving Barry

I've continued too keep Barry completely shaved, with him being responsible for doing most of the shaving.  I help only with areas that are difficult for him to reach or see.  I love the way he looks, especially when I require him to really 'dress' in full lingerie.  He doesn't seem to mind, but he has raised a concern that he is almost due for his annual physical.  I haven't yet decided whether to let him grow some hair for that.  I am really quite tempted to keep him shaved.  He has also been asking me to let him buy at least one set of boxer shorts or briefs to wear to his appointment.

Best wishes for the new year to all.  I look forward to being back in touch now.



  1. I'm dying to hear what you did when you sent out to dinner. Public play is one of my favorites things. It's especially fun when they don't see it coming.

    I can't wait to hear more.

  2. Public play, wow, welcome back.

    Hope new year is starting well