Friday, January 27, 2012

A Special Evening

Since I have the day off from work, I finally have some free time to get back to blogging and sharing some news.

In my last post, I mentioned an interesting time that Barry and I had in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago.  After all of our holiday company had finally departed, we decided to treat ourselves to a special night out at one of our favorite restaurants in a city about a half hour's drive from home, where we don't have to worry about seeing someone we know.  It is a small, intimate Italian restaurant in an old building with an excellent chef and very romantic atmosphere.

As we showered together in preparation to get dressed, I removed Barry's cage and told him that he was in for a very special treat that night, including not having to wear the cage to dinner.  As we finished our shower, I put his Ride-On penis extension on him and told him that I wanted an orgasm before getting dressed, to take the edge off.  With his extension, it didn't take long for him to grant my wish.  I thought about making him keep the extension on for the evening, but decided it would probably be too visible under his pants.  However, I did have something special for him to wear.  I had purchased several Christmas gifts for him that didn't get presented over the holidays due to lack of privacy.  One was a lovely light blue gartered teddy with matching panties, accompanied by a pair of black nylons.  After he opened the package, I let him know that I expected him to wear them under his suit to dinner.  He was a bit nervous about the teddy being visible under his shirt, so I made sure he wore a blue oxford cloth shirt that hid it quite nicely as long as he kept his jacket on.  I then dressed in his favorite garter belt, stockings, shelf bra, and sheer white blouse under a conservative business suit that provided sufficient coverage for the restaurant.

Before leaving home, I told Barry that I wanted him to wear his remote controlled vibrating penis ring and I added the control to my purse.  What he didn't know was that I had another belated Christmas gift that I was going to have him open in the restaurant.  After we enjoyed a drink and appetizer, I presented the second gift.  He was quite embarrassed when he opened the box to find a butt plug.  He quickly closed the box so that no one nearby could see it.  Of course, I then scolded him a bit about not being sufficiently appreciative and told him that I expected him to go to the mens room and insert it.  After he tried to stall, I told him that if he wanted his special treat when we got home, he had better play along with me.  He reluctantly complied, but what he didn't realize was that the plug was also a remote controlled vibrating unit.  As we walked back to our table, once he was close enough, I activated the vibrator using the remote and the look on his face was priceless.  What I didn't realize was that the vibrator was quite noisy and could be heard by the customers at the table he was passing!  Of course, they had no idea what was making the noise, but Barry certainly did.

Throughout dinner, I had little trouble keeping Barry's attention with both remote vibrators.  I confess, I thoroughly enjoyed keeping him stimulated.  Just prior to leaving, I made sure I toyed with both units and when he stood up, it was fun to watch him try to hide his state of arousal.    He mentioned needing to stop by the rest room on the way out and I said that I would do the same.  As we approached the hallway where two small private rest rooms were located, I could see that no one was nearby.  So, when Barry opened the door to the mens room, I quickly followed him in and locked the door behind us.  He started to protest, expressing his fear that someone would see us coming out.  However, it was too late for concern about that, since I was already in the room with him.

I told Barry that part of his special treat would be provided right now.  I took off the top to my suit so that he could enjoy the view and told him to remove his coat and trousers.  When he did, the wet area in the front of his panties made it clear that he had been aroused throughout the evening.  Then, taking his penis in my hand, I told him that we would first take care of why he came to the men's room.  I had never held him to urinate before, so it was a very unique experience for both of us.  I think he was a bit surprised by me moving it around in a playful manner while he peed.  Once he was done, I sat down on the commode and brought Barry in front of me with his panties pulled up.  After retrieving the remotes and turning them on, I began to play with his growing penis through his panties.  I told him that he was going to enjoy multiple orgasms that night, the first of which would be in his panties.  What I didn't tell was that this one was going to be a ruined orgasm.  It didn't take long for him to show signs of imminent climax and as soon as I felt the first convulsion in his penis, I stopped playing with it and enjoyed watching a fair amount of semen ooze out into his panties.  He was clearly frustrated, but smiled a bit when I told him that I just wanted to take his edge off so that he could last longer for his second orgasm when we got home.

We quickly got fully dressed and I left the bathroom first, telling Barry to lock the door again, wait two minutes and them come out.  What I didn't plan on was a woman standing in the hall waiting for the ladies room when I exited.  I just smiled, told her I don't mind treating these bathrooms as unisex facilities rather than waiting in line, and quickly moved on.  I hoped that she would not still be waiting when Barry came out.  However, I later learned that she was still there and gave Barry quite a strange look when he emerged.  He had heard me speak to someone when I exited, but he couldn't tell what I had said.  When the hall seemed quiet after two minutes he had decided to try to exit unnoticed.  I don't know if I will ever do that again, but I confess it provided a bit of a thrill to me and added to the excitement of the evening.

When we got home, I made good on my promise to Barry.  After teasing and toying with him a bit, I told him that his special treat would include actually having intercourse with me without the Ride-On.  Since he had already had one orgasm, he was even able to last long enough to provide me with a vaginal orgasm before he climaxed.

As I mentioned in my last post, my New Year's resolution is to add some more spice in our life this year and the evening felt like a good first step.  In that vein, tonight I plan to advise Barry that I expect him to start contributing to this blog again and will give him an assigned topic about which I expect him to post.  I will also give him a deadline of one week to complete his first assignment.



  1. Dam that is just hot.


  2. Wow, sounds like a fun night.

  3. Enjoyed your post. And sounds like both you and Barry enjoyed your evening!

  4. what a wonderful evening. You are becoming quite adventurous. Public play is one of my favorite things.

  5. Great post! I love it when my wife has things planned out and I am constantly surprised by her. Very creative!