Saturday, January 28, 2012

Barry's Time: Life in a Chastity Device

Susan has directed me to begin posting on a regular basis and has strongly indicated that she expects me to share the trials and tribulations of being kept in chastity. This is truly a challenge for me because I am not very adept at sharing my feelings. However, I am going to do my best.

When Susan bought my first chastity device, I expected it to be a fun toy that I would be locked in for a day or so at a time when Susan was not around to assure that I kept my promises to not search the Internet and not masturbate. However, it did not take long for her to decide that I was to be kept under lock and key essentially 24/7 and she has kept that promise for a number of months now. Other than when it is off for cleaning, she only occasionally allows me to keep it off for special outings or while we are sleeping.

Overall, I have found it to be very uncomfortable to wear constantly. Because it creates a constant low level of irritation, I am constantly aware of its presence, which only serves to also make me aware of my genitals and sexual desires. I am also a bit paranoid that it will be visible to others through my trousers, especially in warmer weather when I am wearing thin slacks or shorts.

We have tried two different models. The first was a CB6000 Short, which was initially not very successful when I was overweight. Due to my small penis size it would easily slip off. We then bought an Exobelt V1 which is what I was wearing when Susan first decided I would be locked 24/7. It was very uncomfortable and bulky, but quite effective. It essentially provided a total shield for my penis and scrotum. Fortunately, once I lost a significant amount of weight, my exposed penis length increased sufficiently to where the CB600 Short is very effective. It is somewhat more comfortable, but I am still constantly aware of its presence.

Susan also occasionally uses our Ride-On Prosthetic Penis Extender (PPE) as a chastity device when we are home together. She bought it for extension properties, which made me feel quite inadequate. I have always been very sensitive about the size of my penis (about 3-4" when I am erect). However, she had always told me that size didn't matter that I fully satisfied her. But that stopped after she purchased the Ride-On to alleviate a problem I was having with premature ejaculation (which is only exacerbated by being kept in chastity). Due to my small length and girth when erect, it does not allow me to feel much stimulation during intercourse, making me last as long as she desires. She also found that she loved the deeper penetration it provided. So, now it gets used for two purposes -- to allow me to provide her with a longer and deeper experience, and as a chastity device when we are together in the house. She seems to love watching me walk around sporting a more normal sized penis. Unfortunately, that desire has also caused her to begin talking about wanting to by a soft packer for me to wear around the house or in my bathing suit.

I can't complain too much when Susan gets new ideas and wants to try things. I think I opened Pandora's box when she discovered my collection of photos and videos on my computer. She quickly took on the challenge of learning to spank me (which I love) and she periodically reviews my collection to see what types of things I found exciting. Chastity was one of my collections.

I have slowly learned that I should be careful what I wish for, and that reality is VERY different from fantasy. Many of my fantasies are not nearly as exciting as reality. Chastity is one of those.



  1. I started in a cb-6000s. While I found it fairly comfortable, I've found a custom steel device to be far superior. Sure, there is added cost, but when you are wearing a device as much as you are, it might be a worthwhile investment. I have a Steelworxx Steelheart, and absolutely love it. While I know it's there, it is very comfortable. Another company, Mature Metal also makes custom steel devices. Food for thought....

  2. Well, your wife seems to care about you so much, that she was willing to embark on this journey with you, instead of dumping you. This makes you a very fortunate man.
    Good luck to you.

  3. Barry, I must confess I read this post of yours with a sense of relief that I am not in your shoes, well I don't have to wear a chastity device and my mama allows me to relieve myself. Excepting of course when I am going to be punished, then it is merely to get rid of an obstruction before she or my Aunty sets out to blister my bare bottom, I am not interested in sex for quite awhile thereafter. In fact nothing matters except the pain and the burning after mama's hairbrush has "chatted" to me.
    Yes you are entirely correct in the warning "Be careful what you wish for".
    I am most happy as a disciplined husband except when maternal discipline is being handed out, then I would rather be back in combat under fire, anywhere except over mama's lap saying hello to the carpet or washing it with my tears

  4. Thanks for posting Barry. It is great to hear your perspective. I also recommend a steelworxx device. I wear a revenge 24x7. Once you get the size right they are relatively comfortable and secure.
    Well done on achieving your desired lifestyle and congratulations to you both for working on and sharing your relationship with us through the blog.

  5. Thanks for sharing the reality of being in chastity.


  6. I really appreciate the recommendations for the Steelworxx cages. Susan and I have explored their website and we both like the look of the Steelheart. The only drawback is the fact that I periodically have to travel via air for work. The metal would obviously present a problem getting through security. However, Susan quickly pointed out that we could use the 6000s for times that I travel. I'll keep everyone posted if we order the Steelheart. I like the idea of more comfort!


  7. Barry;

    Yes you are so correct about be careful what you wish for. I also asked my wife to lock "her" cock up in a CB 6000. She wasn't thrilled with the idea and never really liked the way it looked on me. But she did it and after about 3 days it was I was wishing I never asked her. I was so aware that it was on me that I was focusing on that most of the time. It was not uncomfortable, but I knew that once she had agreed , there was no going back for a long time. She only allows me to cum after a minimum of 4 weeks has passed. The next day it is back on again. She knows that I am not thrilled to have it on any more, but she always says when she locks it, " don't forget, this is what YOU wanted. I'm just trying to do what you want".

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