Monday, April 18, 2011

Modification to Barry's Diet Plan

Last night as Barry and I were making love, it dawned on me that sex would be a very powerful motivational tool.  Interestingly, this morning when I checked this blog, I saw a comment from Harry to last night's post in which he suggests sex as a more positive reinforcement tool.  Consequently, I decided to add the following rules to Barry's Diet Plan.  They include both positive and negative aspects.

At each weekly weigh in,
  • if Barry has met his goal of losing three pounds for the week, I will then provide him with sexual gratification every night during the coming week;
  • if Barry exceeds his goal, I will also give him some form of special sexual treat one time during the coming week;
  • if Barry fails to meet his goal, he will be celibate for the week, which will include being locked in his Exobelt whenever he is not with me (which will mean wearing it to work each day, which he hates). 
I'm hoping he at least meets his goal every week :-).

Thank you Harry for the feedback.



  1. Congratulations for trying to help Barry live a healthier lifestyle; however, I have a few questions and suggestions: Is the doctor okay with Barry losing 3 lbs. per week? Does the doctor think that this rate of weight is "sustainable"?

    I would feel as if I were "starving" and I would want to periodically binge on something. My doctor has put me on a limit of 180 grams of carbs everyday. When I follow this regiment, I don't feel as if I'm starving and lose about a pound per week, and it wouldn't be DIFFICULT to do so if I just would STICK with the plan and get a "little" bit of exercise just a few days per week. However, I'm LAZY and I don't have the external motivation that Barry has (GOOD for you!) Just asking and suggesting!! lol

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog. Thanks!!


  2. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your support with respect to helping Barry get things under control. That is my goal. You also helped me realize that I didn't share enough details about how we arrived at Barry's goal. It was a joint decision between the two of us. Barry has wrestled with his weight at many times during his life and knows how to be successful. When he decides to control it, he changes his eating habits and keeps his weight off. However, the last few years, he has slacked off a bit; and he is now seeing the results.

    In the past he has learned that he can lose anywhere from two to four pounds per week when he sets his mind to it. Two seems to be easy for him. Four is a real stretch. So, when he and I talked about setting a goal, he offered three.

    I am really just trying to provide appropriate incentives. The goal really came from Barry.


  3. There is nothing like a good plan of action to motivate some one to achieve his goal.
    Although I am not in a D/D, my top and I treat our relationship along the lines of a D/D. Aunty Shan is to all intents the lady I answer to. I asked her for helping motivating me to keep my medication schedule.
    I got a single warning and the following month had to bring all the empty tablet cards. What followed was the most severe spanking in my life. I could not sit comfortably for over a week, and it took two weeks for the bruises to fade. That was eight months ago. To date I have not missed a single dose, my weight has dropped by 2 and a half stone and I have had to throw away all my trousers as they are too big for me.