Sunday, April 17, 2011

Barry's Diet

Barry had his annual physical last week and his doctor had a discussion with him about his weight.  He is not significantly overweight, but over the past few years, he has gained 3 to 7 pounds per year (with the last two years being 6 and 7.  His doctor is not concerned about his current weight, but he did share his concern that if the trend continues, ten years from now Barry will be almost 100 pounds overweight.  That got Barry's (and my) attention!

Being a loving wife who cares about my husband's health, I decided to help Barry lose the 15-20 pounds of extra weight and establish a healthier eating routine for the long term.  Last night he agreed to the following motivational plan.

Goal:  Lose 20 pounds at a rate of 3 pounds per week

This morning was Barry's first official weigh in.  I will now weigh him every seventh day.  If he loses 3 pounds from the previous weigh in, there is no penalty.  However, if he has not lost 3 pounds, he will be spanked every night until the next weekly weigh in.  The spankings will consist of 2 hard strokes with our heavy wooden bath brush (which Barry hates) for every pound he still has to lose. 

To insure that he understands the significance of losing 3 pounds per week and to give him significant motivation as he begins this program, he will be spanked each night during this first week.  I suspect that 40 with the bath brush will motivate him to watch his intake tomorrow.

For added motivation and to make sure he is constantly aware of his need to lose weight, he will also wear his red control punishment panties every day until he achieves his goal (I will go buy him two new pair tomorrow, so that we don't have to wash them every night).

I will also help him with what we have at home for breakfast and dinner and have healthy options from which he can take his lunch to work, instead of eating out each day (which has become his habit the past few years).

Of course, we will keep you posted as to how he is doing :-).



  1. There seems to be a lot of negative reinforcement in your motivational program. I'd suggest a few carrots could be dangled in front of Barry as well, for when he exceeds the goals you've set. Is there a particular sex act that excites him and that you don't allow him often? If so, it could be a reward for doing extra well.

    I know that kind of motivation is more effective for me than the threat of punishment.

  2. I suggest that Barry adds an intensive physical fitness exercise regimen to his weight loss challenge. He should be required to pass an increasingly challenging physical fitness test each week. If he passes he can be rewaded with a relaese. If he fails chastity time is extended and other punishments can be added.