Monday, January 31, 2011

Barry here

Guess it's time for me to begin posting. Don't know what my punishment will be for not posting by today, but I do know that when Susan says punishment, it is never fun. Always not sure where to start, but maybe it should be with a little bit about me.

I've been fascinated with spanking since I was a young boy. Can remember being excited as I watched Danny Thomas spank his daughter on a b&w TV show. Also remember finding ways to work spanking into games I played with young friends. One time I got to spank a young girl (my age at the time) over her cotton panties in the woods.

Porn came into my life during the college years. I was first fascinated with books that included detailed descriptions of m/f and f/m spanking. Later came to love magazines with photographs of the same. Susan and I had always had a very vanilla marriage until recently, so I had to rely on porn and my fantasies. I guess you could say that getting caught by her was the best thing that could have happened to me. Except, I quickly learned that her punishments are very different in reality from fantasy. Am also thrilled that she has allowed me to introduce her to erotic spankings. I love slowly painting her lovely bottom a nice shade of pink as she wiggles and moans on my lap.

I'm not sure what I should be writing about in this blog, so I'm going to ask Susan's readers for suggestions of topics. Let me know in your comments and I'll do my best. Might help me post enough to get a reward next month. That would be nice.



  1. Two questions:
    1. Why haven't you contributed to posts?
    2. You spank each other? Where is the dom sub dynamic in this?

  2. When did your wife first spank you?

    What did she use,and was there a warm up?

    I enjoyed your post, we seem to have some of the same things in common.

  3. Barry-
    Its great to hear another 'spanked husband' write about his experiences. I think that you will find that anything you post will be much appreciated. Its especially unique that both you and Susan are contributing to the blog, and giving us both sides, so to speak.

    I, for one am very interested in how people got into a Female Led Relationship and would love to hear more details of your own 'beginnings'.

    Cora and I are both looking forward to hearing more from both of you.

  4. Great post, thanks Barry, I love the fact that your wife now allows you to spank her, very hot and love switching. Be well and thanks for the posting.