Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life is Better

Barry and I finally feel like we are getting a life back as the situation with his parents has improved.  We actually had time for an evening of fun last night.  Barry had some time on the web (PC Porn Time, as I call it), with me by his side, of course.  We enjoyed exploring some new possibilities for toys and we even decided to be brave and purchase a couple of 'non-pervertible' type items.  "Only Pervertibles" had always been a hard and fast rule for us.  I'll save a description of what we purchased for a later posting after we receive them :-).

We also had an entire evening of bedroom fun as well.  Barry received a firm maintenance spanking, which he thoroughly enjoyed and I received my second erotic spanking, which I loved as much as the first.  Of course, those events led to lots of other pleasure for both of us, after which we slept soundly.

This morning, I reminded Barry of his New Year's resolution to post on this blog.  I also gave him an added incentive:  if he posts at least three times in a calendar month, he earns a special treat in the bedroom;  if he fails to post in a calendar month, he earns a punishment.  I also told him the rules apply for January, so hopefully we'll see a post from him in the next two days.  I have also given him complete freedom with respect to what he posts.  They will not be reviewed by me prior to posting unless Barry asks for my opinion.

It feels good to be back.



  1. Ms. Susan-
    So glad to hear that things have improved and that you and Barry are starting to get back 'on track'.

    I love the 'take charge' attitude that you seem to have and am looking forward to future posts and whether Barry can keep to his resolution! What a great idea.


  2. Sounds like a lovely night for you both! Hope Barry isn't looking for a "punishment" and does his posts! Love hearing what you're up to!

  3. Welcome back and glad things are sorting out. Sounds like a lovely night of nice spankings, hot as hell you getting spanked by the way. Makes the lap so hot when she is willing to get some of what she gives but you as a lap, well just awesome. So happy you two had fun!

    Look forward to hearing more and thanks as always for sharing.

    Be well.


  4. Ms Susan

    Glad to hear you are back and all is well. Having Barry post under threat of a spanking if he doesn't is a wonderful idea: an absolute win-win situation for us readers: either he posts or you post how you punished him...

    He has just this day left - getting tight for poor Barry!