Friday, January 7, 2011

Good News - Bad News

Happy New Year everyone. 

The good news is that Barry and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's eve.  And, I even convinced Barry to make a New Year's resolution to join me in posting on this blog!  I can't wait to have him share more things from his perspective.

The bad news is that this past week we have been tied up with caring for elderly parents who need almost 24 hour care.  We are working to assure they have the care needed, but there are no easy answers, especially since most of the family lives a long distance away.  It looks like we won't have much energy or free time to post for at least a couple of weeks. 

We'll post as soon as we can ... and hopefully catch up on all of the other blogs we enjoy once things get worked out.



  1. Been there done that, it's not easy, but we do what we have to. I hope all goes well, at least you know you have each other for help, and understanding.

  2. Susan

    Same here, have done this twice, be strong and you must take care of yuorself as well.

    Hope all works out.

    Love and respect


  3. Susan and Barry-
    As has been said above, many of us have gone through this, too. Our thoughts will be with you. And even though we will miss your posts for a while, we totally understand. Please take as much time as you need.
    Ken and Cora

  4. My fiance' seems to have found a fascination with your blog to the point that he's on here every day looking to see if good ole' susan has made another interesting comment. Very upsetting for me and in all honesty, destroying my trust for him and our relationship. Seems he's more fascinated with what's happening here and susan's spankings than with me or our sex life. That's too bad really, because he's going to lose a good thing some day.

  5. @ anon - I wish you a beautiful marriage and I will make a suggestion as to how it can become that way. If you have yet to do so, try incorporating some of what your husband finds so compelling on this blog. If he is not over your knee with his pants down and receiving a hairbrush spanking from you, he should be! Using his visits here as a pretext, you can reignite his interest and commitment with a warning that he is asking for a proverbial trip to the woodshed and that you will be happy to oblige. See how well that works! Tell him, "YOUR pants are coming down, mister!" And be prepared to follow through. Got hairbrush?

    If the above helps, please let me know. It sure works in my household!

    goldthwaite.jeff on Yahoo Messenger