Thursday, August 20, 2015

Adjusting to Erectile Dysfunction - Continued

I want to express my appreciation for the responses to my last post. I really appreciate the caring and support that Barry and I receive.  We continue to work through this and we are open to new ideas. Tri-mix definitely falls into the category of new ideas for us; and we will explore it.  However, I'm not sure we will explore it through a gyn doctor.  I'm not sure why the anonymous comment made that suggestion as a source.  Perhaps more could be shared to help us understand.

We have been and continue to work with more direct physical support.  We are currently using the Ride-on dildo that slips over Barry's penis when I have a desire to be penetrated.  It works well when Barry can achieve some level of erection.  It also makes him feel good about being able to penetrate me.  However, I have to confess that I used to joke about it being my trophy cock.  It no longer feels that way, because I miss the realness of Barry's penis. It's not the same and I miss that realness of his erection within me.  However, it is still wonderful.

What is more wonderful is Barry's desire to please me with his mouth and his hands.  Those skills were already developed as we moved into the realm of devotional sex. I am also now learning how to develop new devotional sex skills to please Barry.  It is a wonderful equalizing gift. It also makes each of us more fully appreciate the concept of devotional sex. We each want to please each other.  And we each need to find new ways to do so.  The good news is that we are each doing that.

Thank you, my friends, for your understanding and support. As or lives change,understanding, caring, and support is important.



  1. Susan, archedone one here. I suggested tri mix. I put in gyn because I'm having a brain fart LOL and can't think of how to spell the type of Dr. that cares for men when they have a bladder problem. Sorry about that.

  2. Susan - thank you for the wonderful, heartfelt posts. I presume you and Barry have seen a urologist and been through all the prostate related tests? I know I actually function better now that my BPH (enlarged prostate) has been addressed. There are trade offs, but I'm much healthier.

    Hugs to you and Barry. TL

  3. Susan, nice to hear about how the strap-on dildo is working for you and letting you both enjoy penetration. Devotional oral sex sounds like a good solution as well. Hang in there, both of you! sara e

  4. I enjoy your blog and I am a diabetic and have the same problem. I don't think you need to worry about the heart at all. If Barry wants to be more oral like I do it is more than likely due to an enlarged prostate. Personally, I love to give pleasure orally to women and as a cuckold it reduces the stress on the man to perform. I could use my mouth all day long to please a women. I love to please them in this way. Sincerely yours. R

  5. I have ED although I do tend to wake up with a full erection so it is a mystery to me. My wife doesn't want anything false but just lying on top of her causes her to orgasm amazingly. She also is not comfortable with oral sex and she doesn't want me to take pills like viagra etc.

    I have changed my diet and the cholestrol level has dropped dramatically but the ED still persists even though I keep extremely fit. She still spanks when I ask and is comfortable with that but I wish she would let me do more for her.

  6. Susan- Glad to hear you and Barry are still keeping at it.. with toys and other ideas.
    Please continue to do so, and take care! sara e