Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Good Week

The past week was much more fun for both Barry and me than the previous one.  The new rules we established seem to be working much better.  Barry still wears his chastity device most of the time, even though it is unlocked.  The honor system seems to be working, probably because we have opened up better communications by each pledging to share our sexual needs with the other and to meet each others needs.  That seems to work better for both of us, as opposed to enforced chastity for long periods of time.  We each seemed to need more sexual stimulation last week, perhaps due to the stress of the punishment week.  The Ride-on got put to use most nights, especially while Barry was tied to the bed while lying on his back.  Barry also got to enjoy significant and lengthy teasing in that position.  It seems to be his favorite and I plan to use it frequently, now that I realize how meaningful it is to him (and how much fun it can be with the Ride-on and for forced oral worship (which I also plan to take advantage of on a more regular basis).

Barry also continues to keep his body completely shaved and wear panties instead of men's underwear, which I really enjoy.  I guess that I need to begin giving some thought to what to do in the summer, when he will need to expose his arms and legs.   Also, I think it's time for us to make a trip to Victoria's Secrets again.  It should allow for some public embarrassment and teasing, which should be fun for both of us.

After learning more of Barry's likes and dislikes, I have now implemented an additional rule.  Whenever Barry climaxes, the results of his pleasure will be consumed by him.  It does not necessarily take place at that time, since I was intrigued by comments regarding freezing them for later consumption.  I have started to keep a dedicated ice cube tray in the freezer into which we can transfer and save his juices.  And, we have been exploring some other creative ways to make the consumption a sensual experience, especially if they have spilled on me.

So, last week was good for both of us and it provided opportunities for experimentation, which I think is something that Barry and I have both been craving.

Thanks again to each of you who have shared comments of support and ideas.  I can't begin to express how helpful you are.



  1. EXCELLENT for the both of you: what communication can do is not to be discounted!!!!

    Keep up the GREAT work and the blog!!


  2. So inspiring to see where you're relationship has gotten to.
    Very interesting that made to consume his cum is something that he loves to hate and you are making that a more common occurence.
    During the heat of passion I have requested that my wife make me clean my cum from her afterwards, but she will not follow through because she thinks that it is just my fantasy while aroused. I may not love eating it, but I would love to be made to do it just as Barry does.
    Again, your blog is very inspiring to me and I can only hope to be moving forward to those things in the years to come. As Bob said above, communication is the key and we have spent many hours in the past few weeks talking about things which we never did before. Already, we have seen positive changes to our relationship, which we always felt was very good to begin with.
    Thank you again for the time and effort spent to share with us.


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