Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Journey Continues

The past few weeks have continued to be a learning time for both Barry and me as I have continued to keep him in chastity.  He has only had two orgasms since we began this stage of our journey in the beginning of September.  I apologize for not sharing more with you as we have progressed.  However, I found it hard to share as we went along, since we each were truly trying to find the right way for our relationship and each of our needs.  It has not been easy and we have made changes as we went along.  But, we are now getting into a good rhythm and it seems to be working.  Some of the changes we have made include changing Barry's device.  We have reverted back to the 6000s that we initially purchased, but had put aside because Barry could slip out of it quite easily.  However, I suddenly realized that since Barry has lost significant weight, his penis protrudes more prominently from his lower abdomen even when he is flacid and the 6000s is now more secure.  Barry finds it much more comfortable, and I must confess that I love the way it looks under his panties!  So, it was a good change for both of us.  I also allow Barry to be out of it on more occasions, when I can adequately supervise him.  We have started removing it on Saturday mornings while we are around the house, but he wears only panties during that time.  It gives me a fun time to tease and arrouse him, but now allow him to orgasm.  It definitely doesn't take much to cause an erection during that time :-).

Another change has been to allow more frequent orgasms than the first stretch of chastity he endured (4 weeks).  That definitely got his attention and made him realize that I was serious about controlling this part of his life.  But, now, I enjoy orchestrating some pleasure for him a bit more frequently.  Even though I will allow more frequent orgasms, they are now completely on my terms.  I either provide the stimulation or require Barry to do so under my supervision.  His second orgasm was a very quick affair because I allowed him 3 minutes to play with himself while I watched.  I made it clear that when the three minutes were up he would be required to stop all stimulation and go back in his device.  He managed to orgasm, but with little time to spare.

As we move forward, I will try to share more of this phase of our journey.  I have ordered a couple of new toys that should provide some fun for us.  I am anxious for them to arrive and will share more when they do.


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  1. Susan- Thanks for the updates! ( I also want to say thanks for the inspriations -- I've finally got a strap-on here for my wife to peg me, so the 'toys' comments register here. She will be surprised to actually see I bought one, and I'm a little nervous about her reaction to me after she's taken me. But it must be done!)