Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Success and Frustration

Last night was a special evening for me. I have been reading about techniques to 'milk' Barry by massaging his prostate gland for a long time.  I have really wanted to make this happen, but I have unsuccessfully tried several times.  But, last night it worked.

When I began, Barry was very arroused, as he always is these days.  Since it has been over two weeks since his last orgasm, I decided to try again.  I had him kneeling on the bed and I used two fingers this time to massage his prostate.  This time I held his penis with my left hand while I used the index and middle finger of my right hand to very firmly massage the prostate.  Initially, I saw a lot of clear fluid beginning to drip, but that was not unusual these days.  After about 10 minutes I could tell by his verbal utterings that I was having a different affect on him.  He eventually began to make some sounds I hadn't heard before.  At that point I began to see a drop of semen emerge, so I began to massage more firmly.  As I continued, a slow stream of semen emerged and his verbal response took on a different tone.  It was almost primal in nature as semen flowed from his penis.  I kept massaging until no more semen emerged.  However, his penis was still very erect at that point.

We slowly took some time to digest what had happened and talked about it.  Barry had a tough time sharing.  However, he eventually verbalized that he had a hard time understanding what was happening. In his words, he felt something flowing through his penis, but had no control over it.  He said it felt really weird, compared to when he urinated, which he could control.  He and I also realized that after it happened, he was still sexually arroused, which he found to be totally frustrating.

I'm not sure where we will go with this.  I loved achieving this milking.  However, I didn't know how to deal with Barry still being sexually arroused at the end.  I left him completely frustrated (which is not a bad thing in my mind).  However, I think I need to handle this differently in the future.



  1. Susan,

    I'd love a little more info on this. Could you either please e mail or or descripe the process you used? Since Barry did not have an orgasm did he remain arroused and errect and did you see how long at that point he wold stay hard?


  2. This happens with my Mistress and I often. It took us a while to achieve an orgasm with such result. As with you, it came in due time.

    She doesn't use her fingers any more but a prostate massager, which to us, is a lot safer.

    I have an earth shattering "total body climax" with cum oozing out, I don't get erect any more and am still sexualy aroused.

    Congratulations on the progress you made, don't stop it'll get better and better.

  3. We do this at home too. Once he is drained it is best to put the drippings in front of him while he is on his knees and tell him to lick up his semen. My husband is so aroused from the prostate massage and still very excited with not having his ejaculation. He licks it all up to my amazement and seems to really enjoy it. I like seeing him do it too.


  4. Ms. Susan-
    A most interesting post and I think you have described the process better than anything else I have read. Wow!

    I hear that some women use the 'milking' as a form of discipline where leaving him still aroused is part of the 'punishment'. I don't think I would like that! (LOL) So where you go with it should be totally up to you. After all, who is in charge?