Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Losing Control

Barry and I had a wonderful weekend visiting with dear friends.  However, our drive home on Sunday was not what I would have asked for.  It started out lovely, with Barry and I having time to recollect the events of the weekend and how much we enjoy the other couple.  I was also teasing Barry quite a bit about whether or not I would release him from his cage and allow him some for of pleasure.  After all, it has been over a week since I locked him up again :-).

About an hour from home Barry received a text message related to work, which he read while he was driving.  I hate it when he does that and I reminded him of that fact.  To make matters worse, he decided he needed to reply immediately and began doing so.  I told him to stop and that he could dictate the response to me and I would send it for him from his phone.  However, of course, he thought he was fine and continued to do so.  Well, a truck in front of him blew a tire and immediately hit its breaks and was swerving.  Due to being engrossed in texting, Barry reacted more slowly and had to swerve to the right to avoid the truck.  Fortunately, we were in the far right lane.  However, while sweving, Barry lost control of our car and we went off the shower and down a small embankment where we became mired in wet grass and mud from last week's rain.  We were both OK, as was the car.  But, we were stuck.  An hour later, we were towed out of the muck and continued home.

As I'm sure you can imagine the rest of the ride home was very quiet.  I was steaming about his texting causing the incident, which could have easily been far worse than it was.  Since we were running later than planned, we stopped at a local favorite pub-style restaurant close to home and had a quick dinner.  When we arrived home and Barry had brought in our suitcase, I told him to get a shower and meet me in the bedroom.  He must have assumed that I had pleasurable things in mind for him, because he asked if I was going to join him in the shower to shave him (he was well overdue).  I couldn't believe it and responded with something like "Do you really think you are going to enjoy any pleasure tonight after the dumb-ass move you pulled to text while driving and almost getting us killed?  No!  I'm not going to join you in the shower, but you are correct that you need to be shaved.  You will do it yourself, but with your cage on.  Get every place you can and your bottom had better be as smooth as a baby's butt, because that what I want to see when I punish it tonight.  Your are in for a serious punishment paddling."

When Barry joined me in the bedroom, our pillows were in a pile in the center of the bed.  Four of his old ties that I use to secure him to the bedposts were tied to the posts, ready for his wrists and ankles. And, our lexan paddle was on top of the pillows.  The look on Barry's face was priceless.  I had never tied him to the bed face down, but it was obvious what I planned to do that night.  I told him to remove his panties (the only thing he was wearing) and lie over the pillows.  As he did so, I placed the lexan paddle in front of his face and secured his ankles and wrists.  The pillows nicely elevated his newly shaven bottom.    Once he was secured, I used my finger tips to admire his handiwork and told him that I was going to enjoy applying the lexan to his entire bottom and upper thighs.    He immediately began to apologize and beg for forgiveness, but I wasn't going to have any of it.  In a way, I was probably a bit out of control, because I was still very mad at him for what he had done.  This would be the first time I punished him in a state of anger.

When I took the paddle and began to tap Barry's bottom, it was obvious that he was frightened.  I didn't give him an warm up, but I also didn't beat him with it.  However, I did methodically apply firm strokes at an even pace that worked their way up and down his freshly shaved bottom.  It didn't take him long to begin to holler, at which time I took his panties and stuffed them in his mouth with the instruction to take his punishment quietly or it would be much worse.  Throughout the paddling I berated his stupidity and kept reminding him how upset and mad I was that he could have killed both of us.  I really don't have any idea how many strokes I gave him, but I know his bottom was extremely red and somewhat bruised when I stopped.  I told him to lie there and think about what he had done until I came back. 

I went into the family room and cooled down a bit.  I also decided I wasn't quite done.  After about 15 minutes I returned to the bedroom and told Barry that he had been punished for texting while driving and almost killing us.  However, I also informed him that he was now going to be punished for not following my directive to stop texting and let me send the text for him.  I told him he would receive 25 more strokes of the lexan.  By now, I was very calm and in control.  I administered them firmly  and slowly, so he could feel the full impact of each one.  When I was done, I released him from his bindings and took him in my arms.  We hugged and kissed and he knew he was forgiven.  However, there were clearly tears in his eyes.

We haven't talked about the punishment since that night.  However, it is clear that his bottom is still very sore and tender.  I don't think he will make the same mistake again.  I also hope that I will never punish him in anger again.



  1. AHHMEN !!
    Talk about doing something sooo stupid that almost got you both harmed.I think he'll think twice before using that phone while driving.I'm glad you both ok.


  2. We are also fellow New Englanders and I can't even imagine what my wife would have done had that been us. I wouldn't be able to sit for a month !!

    I actually have rules about driving so perhaps you need to make some for Barry as well. My wife also doesn't allow me to make noise when taking my beating and it gets worse if I do. The tow of you sound very much alike. Maybe it's in the water up here?


  3. Miss Susan, having read your latest post, what is of interest is the fact Barry clearly did not appreciate the full implications of his actions until you tied him to the bed.
    It is a very dangerous practice while driving and you are fortunate you came out of it unscathed, well at least you did, Barry has had difficulty sitting for a while


  4. Hi Susan

    I read this thinking what my wife would do to me if I had behaved as Barry did. I think you acted with commendable restraint. I have had to pull off to be punished in road side rests for much less serious driving violations, and I would have been punished more severely than he was for direct disobedience to a command. Also don’t be overly concerned about punishing in anger. Being “out of control” is one thing and one should never punish in that condition. But my wife has spanked me many times with controlled anger and they have been cathartic experiences for both of us. Thanks for an interesting blog and please keep writing


  5. Very hot little story, Susan. Sexy, hell yes, but also a very good description of real corporal punishment - the kind that really hurts and doesn't stop until the spanker decides it's over. I love the idea that it's real, too, that he's actually being punished for breaking the rules. I think one would be a different person after such an experience.

  6. Wow, that's a big no no here. I'm amazed he did not get how serious it was until your started the spanking.

  7. There is a very good reason that driving while texting or talking on a cell phone is illegal now in many jurisdictions. One man was killed here recently when his car was struck head-on by a teenager texting. The kid is now going to jail.

  8. Susan- OMG! I"m glad you two are safe!!
    Barry certainly deserved what you gave him... geez.

    Hopefully the milking goes well.Hope he's ready to taste it?

  9. After my spanking my Mistress dresses me in diapers and pink baby pants.

  10. This is really a sweet moment of loving discipline on your part; if I had done what he did, I would deserve what he got.

    It is wonderful that you have this great relationship. You are both so very, very blessed.

  11. I have just started reading your blog these last few days. I don't think Barry's punishment was quite enough although I know he got the message (a little too late).

    Driving while texting & nearly killing you both (could have others as well), is unbelievably stupid!! No, I think a harsher punishment was need in this extreme case. After the initial punishment inform Barry that after 5 days he will be on a 2 week punishment plan. He would receive 10 random punishment sessions during that time. Maybe one at bed time & then another in the morning. Random so he would be focused on how dangerous texting while driving really is, & not be so indifferent to what happened until he clearly knew that he was about to pay dearly for that mistake. Given the motivating spankings he received the first week of his diet, I don't think it's too much. And to really make him think about what he did, 5 of the punshment spankings would be particulary severe with the use of his most hated implements. You even have him pick out 2 or 3 each time to be used. Better to be alive with your bottom red hot then cold & dead.