Thursday, May 5, 2011

Modified Weight Plan

I would like to share a special "thank you" to those who provided feedback concerning Barry's weight loss plan.  Barry and I talked again last night and we made some significant modifications.  Before I share them, I would also like to emphasize that the initial goal structure was based on what Barry told me he could and wanted to achieve.  However, when he asked to renegotiate, I took it very seriously, even though he had met his goal for two weeks in a row.  Your comments confirmed the wisdom of making some changes.

So, here is what Barry and I came up with for the remainder of his diet:

Goal - 2 lbs. per week

Tool to Keep Focused -
  • Receive one hard swat with the large bath brush on Sunday night for every pound left to lose to achieve a total weight loss of 20 lbs.
  • Wear panties to work each day
What Happens if Goal is Not Met -
  • No sexual gratification until a week's goal is met, which means no attention from me and wearing Exobelt except when I allow it to be removed in my presence
  • Wearing red control panties everyday until a week's goal is met
  • Receiving a spanking consisting of 40 hard swats with the large bathbrush every night until a week's goal is met
Reward if Weight Loss is 2.5 lbs or more in a week
  • Receive some form of sexual pleasure from me every night during the coming week, the specific pleasure to be determined by me
Barry seems very pleased with this new agreement.  I am too, because I think it will keep him focused and successful. 

Thanks again to all of the serious suggestions you provided.



  1. Always nice to see compromise, we wish you both well in Barry's weight loss program.
    I'm sure he'll lose all the weight you want him too.

  2. The team approach will help this be a success I believe. The modified arrangement seems very doable on both sides. Work hard Barry and you will reap the benefits of hard work; fail and you shall feel everynight of your lack of focus directly upon your bottom. And also no moment of sexual release "that is probably a huge motivator for you to get er done! Get moving Barry and Susan thanks for keeping us posted :)

    "good luck to you both"

  3. Ms. Susan... love the "motivation" and control panties...well, everything!! omg!! I'd be soo, er, happy!? :) Z

  4. Your program sounds totally reasonable to me Susan....Hope Barry 'holds up' to his end of the bargain! *smiles*

    (Miss) Jenna x x