Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Renegotiating Barry's Weight Program?

Barry met his goal again last week -- just!  But that is what counts.  He has now lost 6.2 lbs. of his 20 lb. goal.  As a result he is requesting that we renegotiate the conditions of his weight loss program.  He would like to lower the required amount of loss to 2.5 lbs. per week.  I am not adverse to that, since I realize that 3 lbs. per week is a significant challenge and he has worked very hard to meet it the first two weeks.  That has helped him significantly change his eating habits.

However, I'm considering whether or not in increase the penalty for failure if I lower the amount of required weight loss.  That seems like a fair trade-off, since his risk of failure will be lower.  It will also make sure he doesn't slack off.

So, I've told Barry I will consider such an approach and let him know by Wednesday night.  I also told him I would be asking our readers for their thoughts and input.

What do you think?


  1. Ma'am,
    How and when you discipline Barry is of course purely in your discretion. But, as pure matter of health and nutrition, it might be unreasonable to expect 3 lbs./week weight loss for an extended period of time. People who undertake some sort of program to lose weight will lose that much or more in the first few weeks but if they continue to lose as much as 3 lbs./week thereafter they are sacrificing their health. Not only that, but rapid weight loss at that rate, over a significant time period (I'm assuming here you're not just requiring Barry to lose 10 lbs. total) can only be accomplished by some sort of drastic diet; and eventually the person will not be able to sustain the diet and re-gain the weight they've lost.

  2. Well Ma'am, I think it is a fair trade off. But I also think anything over two lbs a week is extreme.
    I know a man can lose weight at a faster clip that a Woman can, but there is a plateau that is reached rather quickly. And once this is reached it becomes harder to lose the weight, I know my wife has taken the number down to 1 to 1.5 lbs a week. Which I'm grateful for.
    Just my opinion here, after all you are the head of the house, and whatever you decide will have to be followed.

  3. In my opinion, I think that your idea of "encouraging" weight loss with "upping the ante" is a good motivator. I applaud you for this!

    However, similar to what James has said, I think that LOSING any amount of weight per week would be acceptable without punishment. After all, losing weight should be the goal, not necessarily the rate of weight loss. As long as he doesn't gain weight or maintain weight per week, punishment should not be meted out. Just saying.

    Good luck with these endeavors,


  4. Ma'am, you are the HOH, surely it is you who makes the decision how much weight Barry has to lose. If I were Barry, I would expect my Lady to decide, not only on spanking but on all aspects of home life

  5. Agree with above = make it much lower (don't understand lbs - like rest of world use kilos) but increase punishment a lot x 10