Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Effective Maintenance Spankings

Barry's behavior has been exemplary the past two weeks.  He is been kind, loving, helpful around the house, and eager to provide me with sexual pleasure.  I'd like to think that a new maintenance spanking procedure that I implemented may be part of the reason.  The first Sunday afternoon after his last punishment session I announced to him that Sunday would now be "maintenance spanking day" in our household.

I also decided that the maintenance spanking should be one that would give him something to think about for several days.  Yet, I didn't want the spanking itself to be as intense as a punishment spanking.  So, two Sundays ago I implemented the following approach.  Sitting on the sofa in our family room, I lowered Barry's panties and took him over my lap with his upper torso resting on the sofa.  I asked him to make sure he was comfortable, because he was going to be there for a good length of time.  I then used one of our wooden hairbrushes to methodically spank every inch of his bare bottom, and gave extra special attention to his sit spot.  I didn't spank terribly hard, but let the hairbrush do the work.  The result was a very prolonged continual spanking (over 1/2 hour) that left his bottom very red and sore.  The intensity was such that Barry could tolerate it more easily than a punishment spanking.  However, the prolonged use of the hairbrush left him with a soreness deep into his muscles back there.  His bottom was still pink on Wednesday and Barry admitted that he was still sore and was aware of his bottom with every movement.

I repeated the same type of spanking this past Sunday.  However, this time we had a little surprise.  I had just started the spanking when our doorbell rang.  I got up to see who was there and it was Carol!  As she and I walked back to the family room, Barry was in the process of pulling on his pants.  Carol immediately apologized for having interrupted us in something (with a big smile on her face).  I explained that I has just started administering Barry's weekly maintenance spanking and suggested that she might like to help me.  After telling Barry to strip back down to his panties, I asked Carol to bring two chairs in from the dining room; and I retrieved another heavy hair brush from our bedroom.  Carol and I then seated ourselves facing each other.  After taking Barry's panties back down, he went over our laps.   I then explained and demonstrated my new technique to her.  However, before we really got started, Carol commented that Barry seemed to be enjoying this new technique.  His erection against her thigh was very apparent.

Making Barry stand up, I confirmed that he was fully aroused.  "I think you need to get rid of that" I said to Barry.  He looked stunned and almost pleaded with me to just give him time for it to go down.  "I don't think so, I told him.  Go into the kitchen and get a small glass" I replied.  He then did plead with me not to make him do that.  "Go ... now", I said.

When Barry returned, I told him to explain to Carol our new house rule.  At this point he began to blush, but finally stammered to her that whenever I allow him to have an orgasm, he has to consume his fluid.  I then directed him to get busy, because I wanted to be sure that he didn't find his maintenance spanking to be an enjoyable experience.  It took him some time, but he eventually succeeded and followed through with the new rule.  I could tell that Carol was enjoying the sight intensely.

When he was finished, Barry was back over our laps, where he remained for well over a half hour, with two of us working on his bottom.  By the time we let him up, his bottom was even redder than last week.

We'll see if the effects are as good the second week as the first.  I'm hoping they will be.



  1. Lovely spanking time, lucky Barry. I think it's interesting that more wives are having their submissive husbands consume their own cum. Having to do it in front of Carol just heightened his submission.

  2. Very interesting post Susan, and thank you for sharing it. I recently asked my Mistress K. if she would consider the two of us having a spanking boot camp. The idea being that the two of us could "reconnect" through more intense spankings in a way that would put more emphasis on the intent of spankings.

    After reading your post, perhaps something along the lines of what you are doing with Barry is more practicable because it just isn't that easy for the two of us to set aside the two full days alone needed for the boot camp.

    My spankings have never brought me to tears and although I know how much that would hurt, it is a need that I believe I have. To be brought to that level of submission, at least on occasion. Mistress K. does implement the kind of post-orgasm punishment that you describe. She will reserve those kind of spankings for severe infractions and for the same reason ... she does not want there to be sexual pleasure associated with the kind of punishment that I am to receive when there is an egregious infraction.

    I also find it fascinating when a Mistress will require her submissive male to consume his ejaculate. I am conflicted. I know that doing this is NOT something that I want to do. I have thought about it right after an orgasm (even a ruined orgasm), you know, what would it be like if I was required to consume my cum right then. Of course it was even more detestable to think about right then. But ... on the other hand .... being required to do something that I would never want to do is just so appealing, so arousing, as a demonstration of my willingness to submit to my wife. Thinking about being required to do that has me hard as a rock.

    Your husband is a very lucky man Susan. You appear to be the epitome of a Dominant wife in a loving Female Led Marriage. I applaud you for it. I love your blog. I love your stories. Thank you!

  3. I'm sure Carol enjoyed her visit and what a surprise for her to arrive when she did only to find out she would be helping with his maintenance spanking. Then for her pleasure she watches him empty his balls and consume his cum. For a submissive to have to perform like that shows his wiliness to be a true submissive. I also consume as R requires and have suggested to sub hub that maybe his Mistress should require that he do it also. Maybe in the future he will know the feeling of tasting and swallowing.

  4. I am very interested in learning whether post orgasm spanking really works as behavior modification. I have been spanking my husband (Jim) for almost three years. The spankings do have an effect on him and I am spanking him hard enough (Lexan paddle). But I find myself spanking him often over and over again for similar misbehavior. Maybe this is part of Domestic discipline and I should be happy with the progress made. But I would like to move on to a higher behavior standard for him as well as decrease the number of times I spank him ( now about twice a month for punishment)I have been reading about post orgasm spanking on several blogs and am ready to try it. So I would really appreciate honest opinions especially from other women about using it. Thanks

  5. Making your husband consume his semen is horrifyingly sadistic.

    You may enjoy this movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilsa,_She_Wolf_of_the_SS.

  6. You're a monster. God help that poor bastard.

  7. I feel very sorry for Barry. What has he misdone to recieve such a treatment? It's way out of line and over the top, Susan. I would give the woman in the mirror a hard, long look.

  8. You are a wonderfull, carefull, strict wife,Susan.
    When the next update?

  9. Hopefully, you're not updating because he killed you in your sleep.

  10. My wife would like your way of punishment. She makes me consume my ejaculate. I do not like it it but I do it it because she is the boss and I want to please her.

  11. Goddess !! amazing post i like your post baby

  12. Bob fullertonaustinJanuary 31, 2018 at 4:21 PM

    My wife believes in the military term "KP" (Kitchen Police) If I make a mess in her kitchen I must clean it out using only my tongue..Lately I'm frequently in her kitchen.. instead yelping while being over her knee...Happy wife, Happy Life!