Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back at Home ... and some thoughts

Barry and I arrived home after a glorious time in the southwest.  We spent most of our time in New Mexico and Arizona.  The natural scenery and monuments were absolutely beautiful, and we loved the Santa Fe area.  It was wonderful to have time to just relax and explore without being on a time frame or having to be at any one place at a given time.  We loved the flexibility of staying in an area until we were ready to move on.  Traveling during shoulder season while retired is a wonderful gift that we don't take for granted.

An interesting side of the trip was Barry's behavior while we were away, especially in restaurants.  I suspect it was exacerbated by the fact that we ate so many meals out (We did have a few hotels with small kitchenettes, where we could bring food in to heat up in a microwave and we did make some picnic lunches.  However, most meals were in restaurants.)    Barry's desire/need to stare at/ogle women's behinds reappeared ... BIG TIME.  I think he also felt a bit safe in misbehaving, because most of our lodging was inexpensive facilities with limited sound-proofing.  Because of that, there really were not any opportunities to administer a proper punishment spanking while we were away.  I warned him that he would pay a price when we returned home, but I suspect he didn't think I would really do that (he was wrong ... tonight he will learn that I meant what I said).

However, this experience has made me wonder about the male fascination with the female behind.  Is Barry unique in his fascination? (I suspect not); is he typical?; or is there a spectrum among males with this fascination?  What do the male readers of this blog think?  I suspect it is not a scientific sampling, since the readers obviously have an interest in spanking.  However, I'd still like to hear your thoughts and perspectives.

It feels good to be home and to share something on this blog.



  1. Welcome back Susan. I hope your post-vacation blues aren't too bad. I see that you were in Arizona and not knowing what part, I hope also enjoyed the beauty of the little slice of paradise we have here.

    I can't wait to hear about the punishment that Barry is due for this evening, especially if it is going to be a surprise for him. Not even expecting that a punishment is due is one of those shocks to the system that we sub husbands always remember.

    I have always called myself a "leg and ass" man, ever since I can remember falling in love with the female form as a boy. I don't exactly why that is but I've always sort of been, kind of been attracted to women's breasts and when I am, it has nothing to do with size. In fact, I much prefer a lithe, petite small breasted female form over the Pamela Anderson type ... always.

    Barry is absolutely NOT unique in his attraction to the female bottom. For me anyway, worshipping my wife's tummy is the only thing that I slightly enjoy better than worshipping her bottom. I believe the legs and those two parts of the female form inspire a primal attraction in most males .... thus the desire to look.

    Again, welcome back to blog land. I'll speak for the rest of your fans in saying that we missed you.


  2. Dear Ms. Susan,

    Barry has a lot of company with his fascination of the womanly ass. I do whatever I can to get a good look! And I deserve to be punished for it! Don't go easy on him!


  3. I think you'll find most men do something like this. I am a bottom man too and (in my case at least) I know it is not conscious - I find my head turns to follow or look at a woman's bottom automatically. For others it might be to look at legs or breasts (the latter being perhaps more common).
    Early conditioning is very strong, it is how we learn to notice and so get what we need. The need for food, for shelter, for safe friends etc. And the sexual impulse is the strongest. When boys start to notice the ‘new thing girls have suddenly become' in our teens, embeds in us as sexual conditioning. But it is not a deliberate wish to objectify women's bodies, it just becomes an embedded behavioural response to what we see and feel. Like when Pavlov’s dogs heard a bell, they salivated. It can of course lead to dangerous behaviour in men, because of the sexual energy, but at its heart it is just ingrained stimulus and response. And of course, as you know, we can be re-conditioned. There is a phrase in FLR circles: "If his head turns - his bottom burns!"
    So I'm sure, if you are consistent and immediate enough, you can retrain Barry's automatic responses. Just try not to make the mistake of being angry/offended with him for – it’s not on purpose. Just enjoy yourself re-training him on the basis that you know that what Nature gave him as a teen, you (as Nature’s new representative), are redirecting now. Teaching him that a rounded bottom means pain in his. You might even spank him every time there is one – even if he hasn’t looked – just to connect them in his mind. You might even find that you can get him to a place where, when he sees a lady’s bottom, he starts to feel more a sudden desire to pay attention to you and be very obedient. Your own little Pavlov’s dog’s reaction.

  4. I appreciate the female form, all of it. That being said, a lovely bottom is to be admired.

    Barry is showing his appreciation for this part of the female form. However, he needs to limit his appreciation to your body and he should definitely be punished for his wandering eyes!

    Enjoy showing him the errors of his ways!

  5. Dear Susan,
    Welcome back! I always look forward to reading your blog.
    I commend you on your efforts to train your husband's wandering eye. My wife does not use spanking to punish me because she knows I like to be spanked. I told her she must not be doing it hard enough then. I want her to spank me hard enough to teach me a lesson, but, like Barry, I might regret that some day.
    I love women and I love to look at them. I don't know if any amount of punishment could make me stop. I have joked that when I am dead in the casket I will be checking out my grand daughters at the funeral.
    I do like Tim's concept of training him to relate seeing another lady's bottom to being even more attentive and submissive to you.

  6. Susan, as a male I too am infatuated with the female bottom. Even though my wife has a great one and allows me to worship it, i can't help admiring others.

  7. Hi Susan

    Welcome back. Barry's admiration of the female bottom is hard wired in most men although their is a wide continuum among different male responses. He shouldn't be punished for what is natural but as you describe it his behavior is rude and certainly disrespectful to you and frankly surprises me after the efforts you have made to correct it. My wife dealt with me on this topic long ago and its no longer a problem but Barry's offense here is really heinous, not just the rudeness and disrespect but doing it when he knew you couldn't punish him.I have read your blog long enough to know you will deal with this thoroughly but I tell you if I had done it I would not be sitting down for at least a week and she would probably make me masturbate to a pic of a woman's bottom before I got the brush.


  8. Well, yes... i guess even as a younger guy, small pert breasts and a lovely ass were a preference to me. As one (sub anyway) guy gets older, the attraction to lovely female butts just seems to grow! Good point you make on us liking spankings, so maybe there is a link there....maybe we wish our panty-clad bottoms looked as good as these lovely women's... i sometimes wonder about that! sara e

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  11. I wish I could be cured of staring at girls' legs. short skirts are the death of me, and make me weak. but I have a VERY vanilla wife who doesn't seem willing at all to explore taking over in a female-led relationship. Pity. On average women are much more capable and skilled than men to lead the relationship, make the decisions, and be the one in authority.