Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting My Attention

During my last post I alluded to Barry reverting to some previously dealt with unacceptable behavior in order to get my attention.  This behavior occurred last Friday night when we went out to dinner at a restaurant we hadn't tried since we moved to the mid-West.  Early in our spanking journey Barry had the habit of overtly staring at the breasts or (especially) bottoms of attractive waitresses.  A few very severe spankings seemed to correct his desire to do this.  Also, since we began practicing Devotional Sex, my sexual teasing of him before we go out and usually not wearing panties on these occasions kept his attention focused on me.

Consequently, since he was quite horny for me when we left for dinner that night, I was very surprised to see his focus of attention be directed so intensely on the bottom of the hostess in the restaurant.  When we were seated, he took the seat with the best view of the restaurant (he normally offers it to me).  He then proceeded to ogle the young woman every time she walked through the restaurant to seat parties.

I light heartedly reminded him with an expression I had previously used .... "If your eyes stray, your bottom will pay".  That didn't seem to phase him.  So, on the way out of the restaurant, as we walked by the hostess station, I commented to Barry in a voice loud enough for her to hear "Since you couldn't keep your eyes off the hostess' bottom tonight, when we get home your's is going to be spanked so hard that you won't enjoy sitting down tomorrow.

During the drive home we had a lengthy discussion about Barry's behavior and how surprised I was by it.  I slowly learned from him that he was just trying to get my attention and give me a reason to give him a good spanking.  He expressed his periodic need for a good sound spanking, but did admit that he preferred it not to be as hard as some of the worst ones I have previously given him.

Well, when we arrived home, I don't think I failed to disappoint him.  I spanked him not for staring at the hostess' bottom, but for not openly sharing his sexual needs with me.  The end result was a very red and sore bottom.  However, since it was administered relatively slowly, it did not result in tears or significant bruising.  And, afterwards, our devotional time was intense and resulted in Barry being allowed to climax.

In the future, I hope that neither one of us as to resort to such extreme measures to get the other's attention about our sexual needs.



  1. Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your story of this episode. It's great to read of a wife who places such value on communicating each others needs and acting upon them. So many couples feel that they can not tell their spouse that they have this need and so rare it seems that it is met.

    Despite my wish and desire to be spanked more often by my wife I haven't resorted to intentionally bringing it upon myself, mainly because I don't want to appear to be topping from the bottom.
    I routinely fold her panties and kiss each pair as my self imposed service to her. In the past I have been "punished" for folding one inside out. I have certainly been tempted to do this intentionally to encourage a spanking, but haven't done so. Just last week she called me to the bedroom one morning. I found her naked, with panties in one and her belt in the other. I quickly figured out what the problem was. She had me turn around and whipped my ass with the belt, telling me to bend over after a few. I really wanted to drop my pants and get a bare ass whipping, but she didn't tell me to so I was happy to get what she did apply.

    Again, I commend you upon recognizing Barry's real need to be spanked and being very willing to do so.

  2. Nice post, which suggests that a disciplinary relationship, with the wife remaining fully in charge, can be fully integrated with other reasons for spanking, including to fulfill a husband's felt need for a sound spanking. Well done! Hope for both your sakes that you and Barry can continue to make this work. You might, as a result, find fewer instances when you need to give Barry a punishment spanking, and more occasions for addressing his felt need for a sound spanking, but surely you personally would find this welcomed, as will Barry. Doug

  3. I'm surprised that Barry admitted he wanted you to spank him. At least you gave it to him good and hard. The alternative might have been to ignore his desires. Imagine Barry's frustration....And the suffering getting a good seeing to at a later date when he least expected it!

  4. Great post and shows us all that slow and non tear spankings can be just as slow spankings.

  5. Good morning...

    Not sure how I arrived here, but here I am!

    I would like to think that I am a bit on the sly side when checking out a lady's assets... but I was surprised when I caught myself following this woman's beautiful read end all of the way through a restaurant that I recented visited.



  6. -shoes-

    You obviously think you're "slick" and educated...the word is "recently"; there is no such word as recented. I love how you obviously ignored the spell check.

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  8. Yes it is great to read about women that take control of there husbands and make them obey what there wishes are it is always great to read about men getting spanked for doing bad things I love it

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  10. I spanked him not for staring at the hostess' bottom, but for not openly sharing his sexual needs with me."

    This is such a powerful statement. I am allowed, almost encouraged to openly declare when I witness someone that is incredibly sexy. In real life or in entertainment.

    In life and in a loving FLM, communication is so, so important. I had promised to communicate all of my sexual needs, thoughts, desires, etc. to my Mistress and frankly, if I don't, I am withholding from Mistress and breaking a promise. Certainly severe punishment worthy.

    Thank you for a wonderful post!