Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

Things are finally beginning to settle down in our lives.  On Saturday we moved Barry’s parents into a wonderful assisted living facility that will be able to provide the daily support that they need.  It has been a long haul to get to this point, but Barry and his sister have worked beautifully together to provide care and support up until this point and to convince their parents to make this move.  It will allow all of us to sleep better knowing that they are safe and well cared for between our visits.  They live approx. 100 miles from us and about 50 miles from Barry’s sister.  For the past month or so, we have been spending every Saturday and Sunday with them and Joan has been stopping by for a night in the middle of the week.  We will all celebrate Thanksgiving together tomorrow, and will be a very meaningful one for all of us.

During the past month, I have tried to maintain some sort of consistency with Barry, but it has been a challenge due to all that was going on.  He stayed in his chastity device and panties, but our play time was much more limited than either of us would have liked.  Since Saturday night was spent at this parents, Friday night became our one consistent play time, as well as his time for shaving.  Sometimes we were to have some relaxed time together during the week, but it was challenging.

One change I made was to allow Barry out of his device one or two nights each week, with the definite one being Friday night when we shaved him.  I tried to do the same on Tuesday to split the week up a bit.  I have found that it is good for it to come off at least every few days for a thorough cleaning of both Barry and the device.  On those nights, I replace the device with the Ride-On penis extension. That provides some protection from stimulation of Barry and allows me to be sexually satisfied.  Barry also seems to enjoy prancing around with what feels like a full size penis to him J.  I confess that I get quite a kick out of watching himself in the mirror when he has it on.

Our play nights also include significant controlled sexual teasing of Barry.  He is not allowed to climax without my permission, which I only give every couple of weeks.  He is getting quite adept at controlling his orgasm when he tries.  If he fails and starts to orgasm, I immediately stop any stimulation, which really spoils it for him, and I immediately give him a serious spanking as punishment with either our ruler paddle or the lexan.  That has only happened twice and he has definitely learned that it is not wise to climax without permission.

We are both looking forward to returning to more normalcy in our lives and having more time to play.  I also look forward to getting back to this blog.  I’ve missed being able to share and to spend reading what is going on in other blogs.

Happy Thanksgiving all…


  1. Ms. Susan-
    Glad to see that you are back and that things are progressing well for you. I totally understand the issue with parents.

    We all deal with all kinds of issues that come up but its nice to see a return to a more serious approach to our Female Led Relationships and all the 'fun' things that go with it.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm glad You and barry are doing ok.


  3. Susan and Barry- Thanks, and a very happy Thanksgiving (Spanksgiving?) to you.
    Thank you for all the inspiration this year...appreciated.
    Glad to hear how it's been for you. MIL just went into asst living this week, too, so gotcha on all that.
    Like hearing Barry enjoys having a normal-size penis with the ride-on... I'm sure you appreciate it!
    Happy Tgiving!

  4. Glad your back!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Barry.